Friday, 1 November 2013

Another double delight-two Ancients games.

Yesterday saw the return of the double game for Brian and I: In the morning we played Gauls vs Germans,and at night we played a tremendous Carthaginian vs Romans game.

This is the scenario for the Germans vs Gauls,my attacks were ferocious,Brian's defence was heroic,and at one point he shot on his own troops!!-too much pressure!!
I had decided to hold back my warbands on my right,whilst attacking with my left and centre..........

This is how the table looked before any movement,Gauls to the left and Germans behind the river.The following photo's show the passage of the game.

The last shot shows Brian writing his will!! My left hand warbands are sweeping all before them,and I am about to launch my right hand warbands against the remaining Germans-however,Brian pre-empted my move by charging across the river,and unsettled me for a while,but with the centre and right gone for him,it was only a matter of time before I could bring all of my remaining troops to bear on his remaining troops,so the Gauls were declared the winners-hurrah!!
Another good game,problems were posed for each side,and with a tricky terrain this was always going to be exciting-and it was-roll on tonight!!

Carthaginian vs Romans game-no scenario,just a straight forward "bash"

The table before any movement.Carthaginian (Brian) on the left and Romans on the right.We both came up with similar battle plans,ie holding the main cavalry arm back,until the infantry struggle in the centre was settled.

Brian's first Elephant charge was met with a volley of pila,which the Elephants didn't like much!! In fact they turned tail and fled-straight back into their own following Spanish troops!!-hurrah.
however his second charge on the left of my position was a complete success,and routed my Hastati,exposing my flank to the dreaded Numidian cavalry,which Brian handled brilliantly,showering me with javelins,and causing me to "fret" somewhat.

This shows the second Elephant charge,and the centres moving towards each other-we both had success and failure along the front,me having to resort to the Triarii of each legion,in an attempt to stabilise the line!!

This shows the struggle in the centre,and the cavalry "prancing" about on the far right flank,we eventually got to grips with the cavalry,and Brian was the winner,driving mine back,and threatening my rear(!)

The final shot!Although I managed to kill all the Elephants on my left,the Numidian cavalry are poised to strike me,my centre is destroyed,and my rear threatened by the Carthaginian heavy cavalry,on the far right,it would appear that Brian is the winner!
An excellent game by any standard!! Roll on Sunday( we will be playing) probably a French-Indian war type game.

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