Sunday, 29 September 2013

Paul's Marlburian challenge game.

Tonight Paul put on a game for us based on the Battle of Corruna 1806,but played with Marlburian figures.
In a well thought out scenario,Paul issued Brian and I with a set of instructions and information,all written in a language that reflected the period.
The game was set up with the Allies defending a long ridge,with broken ground on their right flank,and two villages to their front.The French and their allies were to attack and stop the British from retiring.

This shows the table before any moves were made,Richard was my very able assistant,whilst Graham was helping Brian.

The battle commences,Brian moves to attack the village on our left,and Richard moves some Austrian infantry into the village to stop him-Richard actually defended the village 7 (yes 7!!) times-what is Paul doing with his face??
My British troops are forming up under gunfire from Graham's laser-guided artillery battery situated on the hill to my front-he inflicted so many casualties on my two leading regiments that they had to retire!!

Brian announced that he had a "cunning plan" (again?) which must have been the same plan that was used in WW1!! ie advance against a fortified position and get slaughtered!! The poor Bavarians never stood a chance against Richard's Austrians in the village-Brian eventually gave up attacking this village.

My troops are now in position,just as Graham is advancing,his cavalry are advancing into what looked like an open plain-however cunning Paul then handed him a note saying the ground was not suitable for mounted troops,and that he would have to dismount to attack-glum face followed!! however Graham did manage to use his dismounted cavalry well and put my 2 regiments facing him to flight,eventually!!

Reinforcements are pouring onto the board now,for both sides,we have received 4 regiments,to help out in our centre,and Brian has received 6 regiments to press home his attack in the centre!!

Fire-fights erupting along the whole front!! this was going to a battle of wills and good dice throws!
Graham's troops were being defeated by mine,but he was gaining a foothold on my flank with his dismounted Dragoons,could I hold on long enough?The answer was yes!! With Richard giving Brian a good licking in the centre and on our left flank,all seemed lost for the French and their allies.

Final photo,showing the French still in good order but being out-fired,Richard was still holding Brian on the left and the Village was secure,so we were declared the winners-hurrah!!
This was a good game,lots to think about,and well thought out,well done Paul-Graham's turn next Sunday-probably a Napoleonic(?)

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