Sunday, 15 December 2013

Ben Arfa 1BC Arabia

The "fab four" played tonight,Graham,Richard,Brian and I-the game was based on historic events which took place in Arabia in 1BC.

This is the scenario,Graham commanded Legio 3,I commanded Legio 1, whilst Brian commanded the tribes,and Richard commanded the town of Ben Arfa and some of the Allies.
Graham had been told to attack the town and the Allies,whilst I attacked the water hole and the tribes.

This shows the table before any movement,my troops are nearest the camera,facing Brian,Graham and Richard are facing each other at the far end of the table.

Graham couldn't wait to get stuck in with his auxilliaries,and charged straight at the town,defeating Richards poor troops in the first round of melee,however Richard then began a string of high dice throws,much to Graham's "chagrine"-well he was certainly "shagged" that's for sure!!!!

In the centre all hell was let loose,both sides attacking as if there was no tomorrow!

My front line and Graham's front line have clashed with Brian and Richard's first lines,we fought for two rounds of melee before any morale was taken-I was initially pushed back but Graham was successful on his flank,so,evens so far!!

Graham,despite being beaten in the second melee,stuck to his guns and was beaten in the third,and fourth melees too!! after taking morale he was swept off the board!! oh dear. Graham sent his cavalry crashing into Richard's cavalry,and was beaten-looks like a trend is begining to emerge here!!

Brian and I are knocking hell out of each other,and he sent his elite Cataphract unit against my heavy cavalry,however I have "sneakily" sent my second line of cavalry out on a wide out-flanking move,as you can see in the photo! I promised I would play this fantastic move down,so no more will be said about me surrounding the Cataphracts,and forcing them to surrender-not another word,nothing at all,my lips are sealed,no more mention of it!!

Richard's cavalry have overcome Graham's cavalry,exposing his second line cohorts-the figures on the edge of the table are all "dead"-they just haven't been taken off yet--we are in trouble now!!

OOPS, my mistake, I didn't mean to print this photo showing me surrounding and forcing Brian's Cataphracts to surrender-just ignore it!!

This shows Brian "gloating" because,after my fabulous success of surrounding and forcing his Cataphracts to surrender,his tribesmen beat my cohorts and forced them to retire-lucky dice I say!!

Graham has been forced into square,Richard's cavalry is "rampant",and he has the nerve to send reinforcements!! this flank is lost,woe is us!!

My cavalry have won this flank,but with my infantry gone and Graham about to kill himself(!) we decided that the Arab and Allies had won the game!!
This was a different type of game,but very enjoyable,with loads of movement,and melees which could have gone either way-good stuff!!
Roll on Thursday-2 games??

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