Monday, 23 December 2013

Battle of "Deux Ponts" 18th century game.

Talk about leaving the best ' til last!!we had a Christmas Cracker of a game last night-all 6 of us!!

This is the scenario and battle map.Dave decided on a two pronged attack on Richard's Irish,whilst being supported by Graham's second Brigade,his first brigade was to occupy the village.Brian was to march forward onto his ridge,bombard my troops then advance and capture my ridge!!-Simple....
Richard had decided to occupy his ridge and stand to prevent Dave from capturing it,supported by Paul's cavalry and infantry-he would not attack the village until the main line was engaged-and I was to advance and capture Brian's ridge.Simple...

Dave,Graham and Brian,looking like something out of  the Lidl advert,whilst........

Me,Paul and Richard,looking like something out of a Gorgio Armani advert!!
All troops lined up and ready to go.

The initial moves,Paul is "feinting" an attack on the village,forcing Graham to put a whole brigade into it-they remained there the whole game!!Richard has lined the crest of his ridge,and Dave has started his attacks,Brian and I are bombarding each other with very little success,but my Bavarians are moving forward

In this shot Dave is really pushing his attack,Richard's colonel is riding up and down the line shouting for his men to stand firm against infantry and cavalry-can he hold on? will Paul support him in time?.......

A resounding YES was heard,Richard's Irish stood firm,and Paul is helping him out on the flank-this was hard pounding and nail biting stuff,officers were falling like nine pins,but morale was holding-hurrah!!

Dave needs support,where is it?-well mainly holed up in the village(probably singing YMCA!!) Graham is contemplating whether to help Dave or Brian-he chose Dave,and Brian was left to hold his ridge and the gap between the village and his ridge alone!!

The inevitable cavalry clash is taking place in this shot-I was outnumbered 3 to 2,but Paul sent me a squadron of his Paris dragoons,and this swung the balance to me,I eventually won the cavalry melee,and forced Brian back-meanwhile my infantry were being shot to pieces by Brian's Danes-could I hold out long enough for my victorious cavalry to reform and charge the ridge??

YES!! in this shot I am about to charge Brian's gun,and infantry in column,Paul is Master of the Middle and Richard is still on his ridge,so the Gorgio Armani Trio were declared the winners-hurrah again!!

This was a fantastic game and a fitting one to end the year on-well done to us all(I sound a bit like Tiny Tim!!)

We all left with kind wishes for a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year ringing in our ears-thanks for the cards,wishes and pressies lads-see you all in 2014-merry Christmas everyone.

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