Friday, 20 December 2013

Caesar vs Pompey-Egypt 49BC

Last night the 3 musketeers (Brian,Paul and I) had an Ancients game that was so engrossing and lively that I forgot to take any action photo's......

This is the board before any movement,Pompey (Brian and Paul) on the left and Caesar (me) on the right.
It turned out that Brian commanded the troops nearest the camera,and Paul commanded the centre and far left.There was no complicated scenario-just a straight "bash!!"-and what a "bash" it turned out to be!!

Again this is the board before any movement,but from my side of the table.Paul had a legion in and around a small village-however he elected to come out of it and attack me!!
On my far right I managed to get my velites and cavalry in a most advantageous position and just about ruined Paul's cavalry before they got anywhere near me-hurrah!!
BUT, in the centre and my left flank,things did not go as well-in other words I was "hammered",BUT,due to lack of documentary evidence-I will put this forward as a WIN!!-Brian and Paul may want to query this decision,but I'm writing the blog and it's Christmas!!

Two photo's of my latest infantry for the "El Cid Moors"........

I'm knocking these out at a rate of knots,both cavalry and infantry,and my target of February 2014 is within sight!!
Roll on Sunday,I'm planning a large Marlburian game,and we should have a full house of 6-it's the last game before Christmas, so it'll be mince pies and daft hats all round!!
I would like to say a big thank you to all of you out there who read the blog every week,and wish you all a very merry Christmas and a healthy and peaceful New Year.


  1. Talk about Editorial rights!! You could have had the Decency to ask for a Draw,which by the way you would have not got!

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