Friday, 6 December 2013

Dacian wars 101 AD

Last night we had a very interesting and problematic game,Romans vs Dacians,Paul and Brian took command of the Romans whilst I took command of the Dacians.

These two photo's show the scenario and initial troop dispositions,I had set the game up so that there would be two "fronts" to fight on,but Paul decided to march his troops across the bridge onto Brian's side,and threw my whole battle plan out of the window-ho hum!!

My left flank is shown here "chasing" Paul's troops,but never being able to catch them!! My centre troops are just about to charge Brian's,and my "Fanatics" are lurking on their flank,whilst on the other flank it's all action,with infantry and cavalry getting engaged!!-Brian looks quite pleased with himself in this shot!!

Both Brian and I are getting stuck in here,my warbands and cavalry are all winning-things are looking good-this normally means I'm due for a shock!!

My first line of warbands has been beaten in the centre,but luckily I have a reserve,the troops on the far side of the stream are just spectators!!

I have driven off Brian's cohorts in this shot,however he has beaten my Sarmatian cavalry,and could threaten my rear,in the centre my reserves are giving Paul's cohorts a difficult time of it-he had to resort to sending in the cavalry (sounds like a line from a Christmas song!!)

Paul's combination of infantry and cavalry is shown here,this was a good move,but created some problems as to where the casualties were coming off,and what now constituted the "line"-however we resolve these issues as we play,which is why I enjoy Thursday  games better than Sundays.

The final shot,My infantry are regrouping and supporting my,under pressure, cavalry,the centre is in the balance,and the far flank is still in "stalemate",although I am moving my German allies over the stream,so really I don't know who won-not decisive enough!!
Still a good game full of laughs and good and bad dice throws,problems will eventually be solved etc. etc.

Won't be playing on Sunday,so roll on next week.

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