Thursday, 12 December 2013

Painting update and 18th Century game 12.12.13.

Brian Dave and I had a tremendous game this morning,consisting of me and Brian defending a hill,gun position and farm against Dave,who attacked us with "gusto" cunning and guile-that's a fancy way of saying he gave us a damned good thrashing!!

This is the table before any movement,Brian and I are on the left,Brian holding the near flank and I the far flank.

My far left flank is shown here,loads of cavalry!!I didn't advance as quickly as I should have,and allowed Dave to block the gap,and send an infantry regiment to supplement his cavalry,whilst moving a couple of squadrons to the centre-this was ultimately to be my downfall,as he eventually attacked my infantry trying to form up!! the swine!!

In this shot Dave is planning my demise,and expertly moving his figures around to confound me.
Dave's plan was good,he wanted to contest the windmill hill,but attack the farm and Brian's flank with as many troops as he could muster,his use of artillery was exceptional,his use of cavalry was exceptional,as was his use of infantry-however his dice throwing skills were not exceptional-hurrah!!

Dave's attacks are going in on Brian's flank and the farm area in this photo,Brian did well with his gun beside the farm,however it does look as though his yellow-coated infantry are showing too much flank to Dave's troops!!

This shows the cavalry battle in full swing,I was successful and pushed him back but was counter-attacked and I was pushed back,luckily my reserves are in a good position!!

This photo gives a good indication of the fighting going on ,on the far right flank,however Dave's cavalry are about to do Brian no good at all!!

My front line troops are just about at breaking point in this shot,and my British reserves have not yet formed a line,I hope Dave doesn't charge with his cavalry!!-He wouldn't would he??

Well yes he would and he did!! not only on my flank,but on Brian's flank too!! As we were both in disarray,and Dave had taken two of his three objectives he was declared the winner-Brian didn't even ask for a draw!!

This was a really good game,and gave both sides a few headaches,but in the end exceptional Dave,as we will call him from now on, proved that he still has it,even though he doesn't get along that often to play.-well done to us all though.

Brian and Dave have been painting their respective Egyptian and Hittite armies,Dave brought these figures up to show us............

Pretty good!! full of movement and colour,cracking figures,and bloody well painted,and now for mine!!...........

Spanish on the left and Moors on the right,with Black Guard in the background.

The Black Guard,looking very black!! Infantry,Cavalry and Archers.

Top photo shows Moorish cavalry,bottom photo shows Spanish cavalry-all very colourful,easy to paint(in my style)-can't wait to get them all finished and on the table.
Roll on Sunday,probably an Ancients game.


  1. Thanks for the game John, i really don't get enough games!
    Love the El Cid stuff and can't wait to use them on the table.

  2. Interesting report of a great looking game. It seems that he had you on the back foot from the outset?
    The new units look great too!

    1. Cheers James,Dave is a very good and wily opponent,thanks for comments,keep 'em coming!