Thursday, 10 July 2014

Battle of the Villa 54BC

This morning,Brian and I had a great game involving his Caesarian Legion against my Britons.

This is the general scenario,my plan was to burn the field and crops,and attack the villa with warbands and burning waggons,whilst preventing the Romans from getting to the villa-simple,what could go wrong???

The top photo shows the villa and two cohorts housed in it-we renamed the villa,Rorkus Driftus!!-see later photo's for explanation!!
The bottom photo shows Brian's troops crossing the river to assist(?) the villa cohorts.

In this shot my attack has begun,and Brian is piling his cohorts across the bridge-this is going to be bloody!

Brian has,very un-sportingly,thrown his pila at my attacking warbands,and caused a few casualties,which would tell later on,forcing me to put more troops into the fray than I wanted to!!

The crops are burning nicely!! Now onto the villa-which ended up looking like Rorke's Drift-a small number of defenders beating back thousands of attackers-then falling back into a smaller enclosure-great stuff!!

In the centre,I can't make any headway against the Cohorts,and auxilliary troops,and Brian's second line aren't even touched yet!!

Villa Rorkus Driftus, has eventually fallen,so I suppose that I have won the game,having achieved both objectives,of burning the crops and capturing the villa,but,in the end we decided that a draw was the fairest result-Brian's troops are still very strong,and he could,if pushed,have retired back across the river,and back to the fort!!

A great game,touch and go till the last-well done to us both!!!-hurrah.

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