Thursday, 24 July 2014

Carthage vs Rome

This morning Brian and I played out a Carthaginian vs Roman game which proved to be a lesson to me,not to go against the dreaded Elephants!!

This is the scenario and table layout,with the Romans on the right,my plan was to hold both flanks,soak up the initial Elephant charge,then swing in and take out Brian's centre-the simple plans are always the best-aren't they??

I am being "beset" by Brian's Elephants,and I am not liking it!!-Brian managed to beat my whole line of Hastati,and drove them back-even exchanging lines didn't save me!!

What a mess!! Brian has deliberately held his second and third lines back to avoid being disordered if the Elephants should become "beserk"-which they did when I put my Princepes into the fight-HOWEVER,the bloody things ran amok straight at my troops!!!!!

My left flank cavalry are doing ok against Brian's cav. in this shot-I did beat him after a while,but it was too late to save the Legion-war is hell!!

My right flank cavalry are also doing ok,but in the foreground you can see the Elephants upsetting my flank guard-Brian had wisely left a big gap for the rest of his Elephants to go through.leaving his troops unharmed-that "smug" look says it all!!

After a couple of melees,it was clear that I wasn't making any headway,and Brian still had a third line almost intact,so I was declared the Loser!!
This was a fast moving and exciting game,Brian did well and in his own words "I have never seen such good handling of Elephants outside Billy Smart' circus!!"

We will be playing tonight,Paul is coming along,and I feel a desert scenario is in order-hmmmm.

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