Monday, 21 July 2014

Medieval-Moors vs Spanish

We didn't have a club game on Sunday,but I'll "blog" a game Paul and I had a while ago now.
If my memory serves me well,this is the game that Paul threw five 5's in a row and destroyed my army of Spaniards!!

I was "La Tossa" and Paul was Ben-Y'Il,I can't remember too much about the game as my mind obviously has tried to block it out!!

My cavalry out-numbered Paul's and he was at a disadvantage being lighter types-and I still lost all melees!!!!

Even with "La Tossa" shouting encouragement from the safety of his hill,I was still being driven back-perhaps the assault on the village will be better........

Well,it looks good,and I'm about to surround the village-maybe,just maybe!!!

It doesn't look as if I am making any headway,but the world loves a trier!!

Oh dear!!-it looks as if I am being surrounded in this shot,and still "La Tossa" is shouting encouragement!!!

The church is still burning,and my cavalry are still running,but what about the village?

It was holding out-I obviously didn't want to take a photo of it!!Paul was the worthy winner,however after the game I think I took the dice he was using and burned it along with the church!!

Hopefully we will be playing on Thursday and Sunday this week.
Brian is not well at the moment,so get well soon,mate.

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  1. Large amounts of anti biotics no Drink will be back soon more Horrible than ever!!! See you soon Lads.