Thursday, 3 July 2014

Invasion 55BC

This morning Brian brought along his newly-painted Caesarian Legion,and pitted them against by Barbarian hordes-the game was thrilling to say the least-good stuff,and wargaming at its best.

This is the simple scenario-an opposed landing,Brian didn't know the numbers of my reinforcements or when they would come onto the board.The initial troop positions are as shown.

The new Legion stumbles ashore,and forms line awaiting the "onslaught"-the hill shown was to prove the focal point for the fight,but neither of us knows why!!!

Brian is presenting an unbroken line of cohorts,but I am hanging back awaiting my allies arriving.

My first wave of warbands attack the Roman line,hurling javelins and getting pila hurled back at them!!-Brian's body language says "I'm quite happy at the moment"

"Bloody Hill" is being attacked-but with my troops charging uphill against Brian's "Primus" cohort,things did not go too well!! My chariots have seen a gap in the line and are moving quickly to it-hurrah!!

My warbands have been defeated-woe is me!! and Brian has consolidated his hold on the hill-my central warbands have also been beaten back,and my wonderful move with my chariots into the gap,was soundly thrashed!!-no hurrahs!!

The final ,sad scene,not a warband in sight in the centre,and the Romans still holding the hill!!
Ah well,back to the village to get more reinforcements-who is this Caesar anyway?-they might as well name a salad after him!!!!!!
Great game,lovely figures(plastic,with shield transfers) well done to Brian,looking forward to many more games using them.
Not playing tonight,but a surprise game for Sunday!!!

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