Thursday, 31 July 2014

Germans vs Romans

This morning Brian and I had a really interesting game featuring Wild German tribesmen pitted against a Roman Legion. In our never ending search for historical accuracy in our wargames,we decided to try and emulate the German "wedge attack" to see how the Legion would do against it,and what counter-measures they could adopt-the result was a great game!!

This shows the table lay-out,with Brian's Germans defending a "Homestead"-my objective was to capture it!!-You will note the two wedges,about to start their move towards the Roman lines.

Brian's right flank(in line) has made contact with my left hand cohorts,and the cavalry have clashed-Brian has abandoned the homestead,and the defenders are rushing towards their death!!

While the skirmishers skirmish,the "wedges" are getting nearer,I have "doubled up" the central cohort in anticipation of the nearest "wedge" hitting there-it did and I had managed to stop an automatic push back,although I still had to endure an automatic "hit" of the leading cohort-this seemed to work-hurrah!!

The leading "wedge" has hit and the constituent warbands are "fanning out" to engage the cohorts on either side of the contact point-success!!
On the other flank my cavalry are taking a beating,although my cohorts are yet to make contact.

The Roman line is holding,but only just!!-on the other flank I am gaining a little ground,but I just couldn't compete with Brian's amazing dice throwing-just because Paul is on holiday in Crete doesn't mean you have to assume his "persona" Brian!!!

My left hand cohorts are becoming fragmented,and I am losing cohesion,as well as my mind!!
The Germans could win this,if I'm not careful.

This is the end,Legio Fragmentata,is beaten-oh well never mind,we'll just go back to Rome and raise another one!!
The "wedge" tactic worked(as long as you're not Roman!) and we also tried mixing infantry with cavalry,on the German side-only using the infantry in a melee,if the cavalry were being beaten-this also worked,so we're getting something right.
This was a good game,very interesting,and worth trying again.
If you're reading this blog in Crete,have a great holiday!

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