Monday, 22 December 2014

Battle of the Bridge 1707

Last night the "Fab Four",Dave,Paul,Brian and I had a very intriguing Marlburian game.

We picked sides and Brian was in command of the Irish,Paul was in charge of the Bavarians,whilst Dave commanded the centre and right of the Danes,and|I took charge of the left.

Brian had a most difficult task crossing the river,because not all three sections were crossable!!-this shows his regiments having to change direction,as only one section was crossable(he had picked pieces of paper marked"yes" and "no" and placed them,face down of course, on the river sections)
My cavalry can be seen moving into position to block access to the bridge.

This shows Dave's advance into the "Valley of Death"-he marched forward and formed up,then Paul unleashed his master stroke,and extended his line,using his back line regiments,and in one move had out-flanked the Danes!!-So,as usual,it was up to me to save the day-oh hell!!!

I have told all the "boys" that if they want their photograph taken they must salute me,which is why Paul is saluting!!
My infantry are attempting to storm the ridge,supported by my other cavalry-this was a disaster for the infantry,but fairly successful for the cavalry who managed to capture Brian's artillery placed on the ridge-HURRAH!!

My cavalry have stopped all Irish movement,and my gunners have done a lot of damage to them,however a good volley sent my artillerymen fleeing into the farmhouse for a move,which relieved the pressure on Brian,allowing him to move some cavalry and infantry across the bridge-in the background you can see the ferocious fire-fight going on between Paul and Dave.

The fight for Windmill Ridge!!-I have captured the guns,and am involved in a melee,on my right,however Brian is about to "pile" more units into the fight,and drive me back!!

This is a good shot of the whole table,showing most of the action-Dave's cavalry were in danger of dying through boredom,and his gun hasn't fired a shot yet,and why isn't he saluting????

Cavalry action at last-hurrah!!,plus a lucky shot from Dave's gun not only "toppled" a couple of points off Paul's rear squadron,but also killed the officer-pure skill of course!!-on the left of the picture ugly gaps are appearing in our lines-oh dear!!

I just had to include this shot-Dave's cavalry riding down a whole regiment of Bavarians,despite being shot at-hurrah,hurrah!!!

Regiments are starting to "retire" and it looks as though we aren't going to achieve our objective-is this another win for Brian and Paul??

Yes,all is lost,Brian has managed to get his infantry out of square,and with the ridge lost,we had no other option but call for a draw!!-this was,of course, rejected and Paul and Brian were declared the winners.-well played to all.
May I take this opportunity to wish all of our readers and followers,a very merry Christmas and a great New Year,and hope that 2015 is a peaceful one for the whole world-wouldn't it be good if the only wars that are fought were Wargames?

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