Friday, 5 December 2014

Small is Beautiful-Ancients

By our normal standards,last night's game against Paul was a small affair,with only 12 units per side,but that did not detract from the usual exciting and at times tense,game.
Paul was the Carthaginian commander,I was the Roman Senator,defending his Villa........

The simple scenario,with terrain not unlike this morning's game!!

This shows the general set up,Paul really had an uphill task,he was not only facing the "dreaded" pila,but he would be fighting good troops behind walls and hedges-how would he cope?

Paul chose to attack my left flank,mainly because it was open as far as hedges and walls were concerned-his Celts,supported by Numidian cavalry and Spanish cavalry are putting in a determined assault-where are those Elephants going?

Oh Dear Me!!!!this unit of Hasati were severely mauled by this Elephant unit and forced to take refuge in the Villa-this opened up both of my flanks,but would they turn left or right??

This shot is just before the Elephants struck,but shows the fighting along the line,with the real heavy attack going in on my right flank-I had to send in my cavalry to support the hard pressed infantry,but Paul,after defeating the troops in front of the Villa,sent his Elephants to my left,thus thwarting my cavalry!!!-the swine!!!!!

A mass attack,including Elephants,cavalry and infantry,has opened up an ugly hole on my flank-this could be the end for the Romans.However on my right flank,I am doing ok,as long as Paul doesn't send his victorious troops behind the Villa to attack me there,I will be ok-no chance of course,Paul is too good a General to ignore that!!

Having to turn my right flank defenders to meet the advancing Carthaginians,Paul is all over me like a "Bigg Market Rash!!" all is lost,and Paul is the winner of this great little game-well done.
Whilst I actually lost count of the number of moves we got through,Paul reckoned it was about 18!!
Roll on Sunday,Brian will be back with us having survived a Hospital visit.

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  1. Fantastic and tense through the entire game..... the openimg periods with manoevering shows how well our rules work... leaves the players free to follow their own battle plan and not be dictated to by "rules"
    I must add that beimg poorly doesn't really count for not turning up and putting out the biscuits and coasters Brian. I had to do it all myself yet again! Seriously..get well soon..