Monday, 8 December 2014

Marlburian-Objectives Game.

Last night's game was slightly different from our usual Scenario-led games,in that I set specific objectives for the left,right and centre of the opposing armies.

This is what the "boys" were given before the game started-Paul was in command of the whole French army,Brian was in charge of the left flank British cavalry,and I commanded the right flank,and centre British infantry.

My attack on the redoubt begins,I was always going to be shot at on my left flank,but I decided I would attack in the manner of the period anyway.My gunners had orders to suppress the enemy guns,however they didn't actually hit any targets during the whole game!!

Both Brian and Paul had decided that they wanted a result quickly on this flank,so both ordered their cavalry to advance,then charge when in range!!-what a clash this was-the melees went on for the whole game,with advantage going first one way then the other-thrilling,good old-fashioned type wargaming at its best.

The battle for the farm begins I feinted up the road with my Grenadiers,but Paul was not "hoodwinked" by this,and moved a regiment out of the field just to block,in case!!-The fire-fight against the defenders was pretty one-sided,and I managed to drive away the farm defenders,but Paul put another regiment into the farm,forcing me to attack and melee with them.

It's now getting serious at the redoubt,one of my regiments is caught in a cross fire from the flank and the defenders,and is suffering badly,but my other front line regiment is getting closer,meanwhile my gunners are just wasting ammunition!!

The cavalry battle continues and Brian is gaining the upper hand-hurrah!!

I was getting a right old "hammering" against the redoubt defenders,and didn't seem to making any headway at all,then,in a moment of madness,I decided to bolster my attack by putting the Brigadier into the fray(I would like to blame Brian for this,but I can't-clutching at straws I could blame my age and mental incapacity,or even appeal to the United Nations Council for Stupid Acts!!-but I can't!!)-Paul.of course threw the requisite dice to "kill" the Brigadier,and every unit under his command had to take a morale check-and guess what?-Yes most of them took to their heels and ran away-how we laughed-not!!

There they go-Hussain Bolt couldn't catch this lot!!
So,even though Brian had fantastically won his flank,and I was making a little headway in the centre(but not enough,as I couldn't shift the farm defenders!) Paul was declared the winner.We counted the number of Officers killed at the end of the game,Paul had three killed,Brian had three killed and I had five killed-proving,as far as I am concerned,that I did all the fighting!!-hurrah!
Seriously though,this was a good game,very exciting,and played in the right style-well done lads,and roll on Thursday,probably an "El Cid" game.

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