Monday, 29 December 2014

Battle of Cripple Creek 1863

The "fab four" had what can only be described as an amazing ACW game yesterday-we started at 10.30AM and finished at approx. 3.00PM and got 14 moves completed! that was in between Oxo's and nibbles and a load of laughs-great stuff to blow away the Christmas excesses!!

This is the scenario and table before any movement-Paul was Grant,I was McClellan,Brian was Lee and Dave was Jackson-my reinforcements were due on the board on move number 5,and then both sides got reinforcements on move number 10.

Paul surprised everyone by abandoning his positions and moved forward to deny Brian the cover-this is going to be serious stuff,but Brian swept forward through shit,shot and shell,and made a good attempt to force Paul's flanks.

Things were pretty quiet on my flank-Dave and I moved our troops into position,then the "Chatanooga Choo Choo" arrived carrying two brigades-I now had 3 brigades against Dave's 2-hurrah!!-but could he hold the line??

The top photo shows Dave's flank,with Jackson hurrying his troops into position to stem the veritable "flood" of union troops-he placed his artillery just out of shot on the far right of the photo,and it did untold damage to my third brigade as it descended down the hill from the rail track.
The bottom photo shows Brian's attempt at out flanking Paul-this very nearly came off,but was stopped by Paul deploying a gun battery on the flank of the advancing "Rebs"-yee hah!!

The top photo shows the battlefield on move number 11-Lee and Jackson look worried!
The bottom photo shows Paul's reinforcements progressing against Brian's flank,and giving him hell-hurrah!!!

The fight for the "cornfield" continues on my flank-although I had more troops than Dave,I was not making much headway-probably just a matter of time though(?)-Paul and Brian had fought each other to a standstill in the centre-but each was in the process of capturing a flank(Brian,our left,Paul their left!!)-so,because it is still the Christmas season of "Good Will",a draw was declared-the relief is clear to see...............

On the Confederate side at least!!!
Well done us,a great game,very exciting,and fast paced-with 21 regiments and 3 batteries per side,this was a fairly big game which ran smoothly due to the fantastic organisation-I wonder who organised it!!!-The biggest laugh of the game was when Brian suddenly realised that he hadn't read his "blurb" on the battle(attached to his clip board!) and hadn't realised that he had reinforcements coming onto the board on move 10-oh how we laughed!!

Roll on Friday-another all day game,probably Ancients.

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