Monday, 1 December 2014

Caesar in Britain 55BC

If there was a prize for "spectacular" we would have won it last night!!

This is the general layout and scenario,for last night's game-Paul was Caesar,and Brian and I were the British warband leaders.What Paul didn't know was that there were 8 warbands hidden,in the woods beside the "stockade",and they would make an appearance on move two-I love surprises!!

A feeling of peace and tranquility oozes from this shot-oh boy was that to change!!

In the background,Caesar's columns advance down the "old Kent road",whilst in the foreground,the British are moving through the woods,ready to spring the ambush.Paul was given a bit of a ridge,and he used it well,positioning his cohorts in a wonderful line-can Brian break it?

Spectacular,or what!!Paul's line looks unbreakable,but Brian's warbands look determined-in the words of the song "somethings gotta give"
Back at the stockade,my warbands have exposed themselves(now,now,behave!!)

I had sent 4 warbands on a long outflanking move,whilst "pinning" the Romans frontally-Paul's patrol cohort have reached the stockade safely,and have positioned themselves as a mobile reserve.This part of the battle was important,as we set the objectives of the Romans reaching their boats,or the British tribes capturing the stockade and burning the boats!
The melee at the walls went on for a long time-I had the advantage of having more troops,and kept feeding them in,hoping to "grind" the Romans down-no chance!!

The fighting in the centre was desperate,javelins and pila whizzing through the air,war cries and trumpet blasts,mingling with shouted oaths(mainly from Brian!!) Neither side could get a result,and still they both kept reinforcing their tired troops-epic stuff!!

This was the crucial melee,on the Roman right flank,whoever won this would win the game,so everything was thrown in,cavalry and infantry mixed-Paul even threw Caesar himself in to boost his points total-who would win? It's down to the dice,come on Brian!!!

Having gained a tenuous foothold for a while,my troops we unceremoniously ejected from the stockade,and my morale was shattered!!
So was Brian's,back at the main battle-the Roman line held,and the British were sent packing-but at least they can go back to their homesteads,safe in the knowledge that they won't see the Romans again,I mean,after all,what could the Romans do for us????
This was another great game,but my head is really hurting thinking up these scenarios,lads,come on ,give me some help!!
Roll on Thursday,it will only be Paul and I,as Brian is going into hospital for tests-good luck mate.

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