Monday, 26 January 2015

Battle of Bindi 10AD India

One of the many good things about wargaming is that,within reason,you can "Elasticate" time,and put armies against each other,that,within an historical context,would never have fought each other.Last night's game was one such situation-Imperial Romans against Indians!

The usual scenario and table before any movement photo's are shown here.Paul commanded the cohorts,Brian commanded the auxiliaries(land and sea) and I commanded the whole of the Indian army.

My plan was simple-attack the cohorts with my line of elephants,disrupt them,then charge them with my line of cavalry-the infantry would play a minor mopping up role only-this worked very well indeed for the first few moves,my elephants crushed the front line cohorts-then,of course,a few of them decided to go "walk-about" and stopped my master plan of attacking the cohorts with my cavalry!!!

My troops in the fort "sallied forth" and were met by 2 cohorts and some Gallic cavalry,that Paul had moved onto their flank-this is not looking too good.However the centre is still going my way,and Brian's first attempt at capturing the Port is about to start-pressure or what??

The "walk-about" by my elephants is in full swing here,and Paul is taking advantage by massing troops on his left flank!!-Can you tell by Brian's expression that his first attempt at capturing Bindi has failed-hurrah!!!

To a mass cavalry melee,Brian is putting in another attack-although he has managed to get a unit into the port,but these will be easily ejected by my support unit in the foreground-another hurrah!!!

Paul's troops on his left flank are now moving against my infantry(remember them?-will be used to "mop up"!!!)-Meanwhile Brian is looking as though he means to capture the port and win the game-Oh Yeah??!!

"Yeah!!!"-he's all over me like a bad rash,and he still has uncommitted troops!-how did those horses get on top of that building?

Although my cavalry are winning on my left,Paul is pressing my right flank,and Brian is about to capture the port,so it looks as though the Romans are going to be victorious(happy and glorious!!)

Even my big-busted,buxom,Bindi broads can't stop Brian from capturing the port-all is lost!!

Well done to Paul and Brian,a very good game-bloody elephants!!

Roll on Sunday,by popular demand,an "El Cid" game.

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