Sunday, 26 April 2015

2nd battle of Cremona.69AD

Thanks to Charlie Wesencraft and his wargaming buddies,Paul,Brian and I had a fantastic day out in Seaton Sluice,re-fighting the second battle of Cremona 69AD(Vitellius vs Vespasian)
Whilst not always understanding the mechanics and complexities of the rules,we threw ourselves into the game,which involved 13 Legions,plus auxiliaries,cavalry and machines per side,with 5 players per side-an awful lot of figures,and a spectacular looking game,made all the more spectacular by having a beautiful,scratch built villa on one flank,this was made by Dave,who's photo follows...........

Hello Dave!!-I'm sending one copy of this to OK Magazine,and another to Crime Stoppers!!!

Oh look it's me!! with Paul(Kirby) and Charlie,setting up our figures before the game started.

Bloody hell,it's that Dave again-is he going to be in every shot?? plus Paul(Halliday) setting up his figures.

This is a shot of Brian,with Charlie's son John,contemplating attacking the Villa-Brian reckoned he won the game for the Vitellius forces,by successfully gaining access to the villa,and then storming through it and attacking the Romans holding that flank(commanded by Ron).

A couple of shots of the game in full swing-get your hands out of your pockets soldier,where do you think you are!!!-Ron looks perplexed,Charlie looks worried-this does not auger well for the Vespasian forces!!

Brian going into the villa!

Brian coming out-oh sorry,wrong photo!!!

Brian coming out of the villa!!

Paul is looking studious,but he is winning on his flank-hurrah!!

Every picture tells a story!!!!-never mind,defeat is not dishonour(is it??)
Well done to everyone for organising this game,and get well soon to Mel.


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    1. Hi Doug,there was certainly a mixture of figures,from very old to new additions-all supplied by Charlie's club members-glad you enjoyed the blog'

  2. At least something from me has rubbed off on Brian!