Monday, 13 April 2015

Battle of Brinixburn 70AD

Last night saw Brian returning to his normal "sparkling" form-he was in charge of Barbarians,and to see him handle these warriors is great-he just points them at he enemy,winds them up,and lets them go-great stuff,and good to see him back on form.

Top photo is the scenario,middle photo shows the table before any moves,Paul was in charge of the Romans,Brian was in charge of the Barbarians in the foreground,whilst I was in charge of the Barbarians in the background,across the stream.
The bottom photo shows the commander's wife about to be despatched by a Druid-will the Romans get to her in time?????

As my objective was to defend the village,I attacked Paul's auxiliaries immediately,and a fight for the dominant hill started,and would go on for the whole of the game-I have also moved some warbands to my left to counter the Roman move to that flank.

Brian's first attack is shown here,he concentrated all of his warbands on his right,hoping for me to secure his left(the fool!!)
As the first lines clashed(and look at the lovely Roman lines!) it was a mixed bag of fortunes for Brian,but he persevered and it looked for a while as though he had won the game in the first few moves-not if Paul has anything to do with it!!(not to mention his bloody dice throwing!!!!)

Brian has wound up his second line,and his cavalry,and is just about to charge home and win the game-hurrah!!
But of course this was not to be!-The Romans fought back magnificently,and it was Brian who was in trouble now-I suppose I better win the game for him(ho-hum!!)-at least the Romans haven't burnt the "sacred grove" or rescued the commander's wife yet!

A mass of warbands,colliding with each other and causing chaos and confusion is not a good thing-the Romans took advantage of the situation,and swept forward towards the "sacred grove" and the Henge-woe is us!!

My troops are doing ok,and it looks as though I have captured the hill,and the village is still not on fire-however to stem the flow of Romans ,I have had to abandon my occupation of the "sacred grove"-could the Romans take advantage of this move too?

The last two photo's tell the whole sad story-commander's wife is rescued (along with the Druid and his servant!!) and the "sacred grove" is burning!!! BUT,because my village was still intact,we (Brian and I) decided that a draw was a more reasonable result than being beaten-hurrah!!-Paul wasn't too sure about it though(can't think why!!)

This was another good and exciting game,with loads of action,and most importantly,laughs,roll on Thursday,Paul has requested a Carthaginian vs Republican Roman game,but who knows what we'll have!!

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