Thursday, 16 April 2015

Boer War at Charlie's

Last night I went to Charlie Wesencraft's club to play a Boer War game,as his club was trying out their Colonial Rules in that setting.
Six of us were British,playing against an "Umpire"(Mike,who did a stirling job,despite the efforts of the rest of us!!) who controlled the Boers and the game.

This shot shows(from left to right) Mike,Mel,Ron, and of course Charlie,setting out the figures and terrain.The scenario was that the Boers were "dug-in" on the hills,overlooking the road to Ladysmith,and the British had to attack their trench lines-simple!!!

I was allocated these troops to command-two cavalry lancer units,one mounted infantry unit and a regular infantry company.My position was on the left flank,and my orders,from the CinC Bruce,were to attack and take the Boer right flank trenches and then "roll-up" the Boer positions-obviously I would be getting help and support from the rest of the army-although my command was small,it turned out to be very Potent!!!

Although the Rules(devised by Mike) and alternate moves system was strange to me,I quickly got into the swing of things-these two shots show the game starting,and the Boers shooting at Charlie's gun battery-Charlie took "umbridge" at this and shot back with every thing in his command!!!-unfortunately with no effect.

This shows Mike,in full "umpire" mode,shooting at the British with impunity,and inflicting more casualties than we were giving the Boers!-this calls for a cavalry charge-against entrenched "crack shots",surely not!!!!

Before the game started I had to throw a dice to determine my "character" and I threw a five which denoted a "death or glory" officer-this turned out to be true,as  I gained both death and glory!!

I had to leave at 9.30(why is this bloody computer printing in Italics?) but left the game in full swing-I am told by Charlie that the British eventually won and drove the Boers from their positions-hurrah!!
This was an interesting game,and a big thank-you to all of Charlie's members,including Dave,who for some unexplained reason doesn't appear in any of the photo's.


  1. That would have been a great game to sit in on and watch.

    1. It was interesting to play other club's rules-our games tend to fast and furious,with all members fully aware of the rules and limitations-we are going to play a game on the 25th with Charlie's club,at Seaton Sluice,which is a Roman civil war game,again using their rules,so we'll no doubt get a good feel for them-thanks for your comment-we like reading your blog too.