Monday, 20 April 2015

"Hacienda Hill-18th Century battle

Last night the air was full of tension,excitement,action,but most of all FLATULENCE!!-you'd think the Westerhope Wargames Group had met for their annual "Fartathon"
However,the game we had was another classic,with Paul and Brian attempting to push me off a ridge(Hacienda Hill) and out-flank my position.

This is the table before any movement(bowel or otherwise!!)
I am commanding a Spanish army,on the ridge to the left-Paul is facing me with a Bavarian/Irish army,and Brian is on my flank with 8 squadrons of cavalry and 2 regiments of infantry.We all had objectives to either take a position or to defend a position-simples!!

Moving to pre-conceived battle plans,the game began-Brian moved his whole cavalry force against my flank,my response was to also move against him-a massive clash looked inevitable!

Paul's Irish swept forward and opened fire on my Spanish-I actually got the better of the exchange,but being outnumbered,it was only going to be a matter of time before I started to take real casualties-I moved my reserves to the right,hoping to force Paul to also move troops that way-but to no effect-however it did prompt Brian to move his infantry over the stream and move towards the field,facing the ridge.

Due to a combination of Cannister and Musket fire,my left hand Spanish regiment fled,and I was forced to replace it with a regiment from my second line-the rest of the line is blazing away at each other-neither side getting any real advantage.

The cavalry battle is in full swing here,again it was "swings and roundabouts" neither of us gaining an all out victory-spectacular stuff though-note that both sides have kept a reserve back from the fray,for support.

Whilst there is a lull in the centre,(Paul exchanged his Irish for his Bavarians) there is still no respite for the cavalry-I managed to push Brian back,but his reserves joined in,and then I was pushed back-absolutely thrilling gaming!!

The central fire-fight starts again,with Paul's Bavarians(fresh) taking on my hard-pressed Spanish.
If any of you are wondering what Brian is doing in the background,can I refer you to the opening sentence of the blog!!!!!

Somethings gotta give!!-my line is so weakened now,my out-flanking move has proved to be a disaster,and Brian is handling his cavalry with a "keen-ness" that is frightening-at one point I had to send in my Brigadier to stop some squadrons from leaving the field,and Brian promptly threw the requisite dice and killed him!!!!-woe is me!

This gaping hole in my line on the ridge spells the end for my Spanish troops-Paul would be able to sweep forward,and I have nothing to stop him!

On my right flank,Brian has covered himself in Glory,beaten most of my squadrons,killed a Brigadier,and won the game-ah well,there's always another day,time to open the door and windows,apply a bit of air-freshener,and plan the next game!!!
Well done lads.

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