Friday, 17 April 2015

Battle of the Towers 207BC Rome vs Carthage

Paul and I had a "bit of a battle" last night,pitting Romans against Carthaginians-we both commanded over 350 figures each,which contrasted starkly with my command of 18 figures on Wednesday!!
The scenario was straight forward,and really we fought three separate battles using three lots of troop types-tremendous stuff,uplifting and exciting.

This shows the scenario and table before any movement-Paul had a struggle on his hands against the Triarii,posted on the hill on my right flank,a fair chance in the centre with his Celts against my Princepes,and a "walk-over" with his Spaniards against my Hastati,posted on my left-however,the Romans proved tough opposition-as usual!!

My whole line is standing steadfast,awaiting the onslaught-Paul is a master of light infantry and cavalry tactics,so I knew my right flank was going to be subjected to Numidian attacks with javelins,quickly followed up by an Elephant charge-so I had to eliminate the Elephant threat with my catapult-this actually worked-hurrah!!

To my surprise,Paul started his attacks in the centre,hitting me with warbands of Celts,followed by Elephants-the swine!
On my left,the Spaniards crept forward,teasing me,and hoping I would launch my Hastati forward-no chance!!

Things are looking desperate in the centre-I twice had to put my Commander in to stem what the Military call,"a rearwards advance" In this shot the Elephants have broken through my Princepes' line,but I am holding on the flank against a determined cavalry attack-woe is me!!!

Here it comes!!-the anticipated Numidian assault,with Elephants in close support-I only managed to get rid of one unit of Elephants,and now the other unit is about to make me suffer-double woe is me!!

OUCH!!!-note the Numidian light infantry following up,ready to give me some more grief from their javelins.
So,let's summarise what is going on-My right is under unbearable pressure,my centre has disappeared(!) my left is in tatters,and to add insult to injury,two of the towers have been "torched!!)-oh dear me,what to do,what to do!

What a bloody mess!! hardly a Roman in sight who can fight back with any chance of winning!!

A final photo of my only success of the night-my Triarii are standing firm against the whole of the known world it seems!!
This was a thrilling and exciting game,full of action and movement from move number one-well done Paul (aka OEG-one eyed git!!)
Roll on Sunday,Brian will be with us,and he has requested another Ancients game,however if I can't get over this defeat,it may be something different!!

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