Monday, 9 November 2015

Operation "Fan Dabbie Dozie" 2015.

I wanted to put this game on at "Carronade" but was persuaded not to by the rest of the club! so after a long wait,I eventually set the table up,issued the Scenario and orders/objectives to the lads,and we played the game last night.

The Scenario-I can't say much more!!

These are the orders/objectives issued to myself and Graham as Scots commanders and Paul and Brian as Russian commanders.

Our "Rules" knocked up by me(who doesn't know a thing about modern warfare!) ranges etc are in our "measuring sticks" which are 300mm long.

This is the map we all worked off,when planning our tactics-the table cloth was our white-out sheet-very atmospheric!

The first,and last(!!) shot of Graham's command tank,peering through the gloom,trying to spot the Russian column-a cute shot from one of Brian's tanks knocked him out on the first shot!!-oh dear not again!!!!

This is how the table looked before any movement(and before Graham's demise!)

As Graham's tank burns nicely,the boys from "Yellow" company gather around to warm their hands,not realising that they now have no support!!

Paul has sent his "chopper"(no jokes please!) to spray my infantry company with "gatling" and rocket fire,I replied with a "Blowpipe" shot which missed and I think,exploded somewhere over Aberdeen!!-things were hotting up,but Graham and I stuck to our plan of holding a defensive line,whilst Paul and Brian stuck to their plan of Attacking!!!!!

Ominously,the Russian tanks roll forward(complete with hand made flags!),can the brave Tartan Army stop them?

In this shot,Paul has just "downed" my Helicopter with a lucky "blowpipe" shot and is sending a company of infantry complete with mortar crew against my Blue company sheltering in the field on the left flank-will Graham send me some support?

The "downed" helicopter and "broken" crew-still,they inflicted a bit of damage to one of the Russian Tanks-hurrah!!!

As Brian and Paul discuss how the battle is going,one of the Russian tanks has rolled onto one of my Pre-set Mine fields(that's the one in the foreground,beside the building) and has lost a track,and is therefore immobilised-hurrah!! Graham,at this stage is losing tanks through Brian's wonderful(lucky) shooting,and the Russian are creeping ever closer to the bridge.

BOOM!! as the Russian tank hits the minefield-one less to worry about!!

Two Russian infantry squads are trying to overwhelm my right flank-however they are just about to hit the other pre-set minefield as they advance!

My right flank is being overwhelmed by weight of numbers(even the minefield couldn't stop Paul's determined attack)-things are not looking good for the Tartan Army-time for the American Air Force(please,no Blue on Blue!!) to make its appearance!!

Even with the bombing run of the Americans and Graham's stout defence of the bridge and sending support to my left flank,we were doomed-look how close that Russian tank is to the bridge and their objective!!

It's all over!!-objective achieved by Russian forces,time for the Tartan Army to retire to Edinburgh,and try again!!
This was a fun game,enjoyed by us all,no offence was intended to our Scottish or Russian readers,and I'm sure no offence will be taken!
Roll on Thursday,son should be out of hospital by then,and we can have another game-probably Ancients,but who knows????


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    1. Hi Doug,it was a lot of fun,not my period,but I can see the fascination-keep reading,and thanks for comment.

  2. Just goes to show you never lose it I'm still able to bring down fire using only line of sight !!!!!

    1. Mind that finger 'arold .... it'll have your eye out !!!