Friday, 13 November 2015

Games and Club up-date

Because my son was transferred to another hospital on Wednesday,pending surgery either Thursday or Friday,we didn't play last night(as it happened he didn't go through surgery!) but thought I might let you know what is going on game-wise.
Well on the 28th of November,we are putting on a demo. game at Battleground,based on the battle of "Ginnis"(I think it is pronounced JINNISH) in the Sudan,1885,and remarkable in that it was the last battle that the British army fought in their famous Red Coats.

This should be quite a colourful affair,with the British red coats contrasting with the white of the Egyptian uniforms,and of course the Mahdist banners etc.
Hopefully we will be playing on Sunday,if my nerves aren't in shreds by then,and here is one photo of the game I have planned,which features a Roman column being attacked,as it marches into winter quarters,the garrison of the fort about to relieve it,who in turn are attacked!!!

This shows the garrison of the fort,having to form up in the face of wild barbarians(out of shot!),preventing them from assisting their comrades,off to the right of the photo.
Roll on Sunday,and son's recovery!

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