Friday, 27 November 2015

France 1706

Last night Paul,Brian and I had a cracking and tricky game.....................

As usual top photo is scenario,and bottom photo is table before any moves.Paul and Brian were French and I was British.

As expected,Paul moved his Provincial troops across the stream to threaten my redoubt-I duly faced my British infantry to counter this threat,as can be seen.I was quite confident that I could hold the French on my left and centre,but decided to concentrate an attack on my right flank,and so I sent the left flank cavalry over there,hoping to gain a numerical superiority.

All Hell breaks loose as both Paul and Brian put in a concerted attack on the central hill and my right flank!!-The French morale was lower than the British,so I should have a good chance of success(Fool!!! I keep forgetting the dice power of the Dynamic Duo!!) and the whole centre and flank were in jeopardy from early on in the exchange.

In a desperate effort to save the flank,I sent my cavalry into the fray!!-this worked to a certain extent,and the French were held,but Brian has seen the situation and is sending more squadrons into the melee,that means I will have to do the same,which I didn't want to do,because the situation on my left flank has taken a rather bad turn for the worse!!!!

Where have my troops gone?-off the board,that's where!!-my Grenadiers have been caught in column by Paul's Dragoons!! and a sneaky attack on the gun(frontally!) has put the redoubt position in real peril-my left is lost-woe is me!!

Whilst Paul's T-shirt shines like a beacon in the night,I have stabilised the central hill,and the attackers are being driven back-hurrah!!

The redoubt and left flank are lost,but on the right I am making progress,and driving the French infantry and cavalry back,this looks like a draw(??)

The final photo showing the victorious British on the right flank,and the victorious french on the left flank!!-a decent draw!
this was a good and exciting,if somewhat tricky, game played in a good spirit by all three of us.
Roll on Saturday,we'll be at Battleground,Stockton-hopefully we'll see some of you there.

I have now finished all 200 of my Warrior Miniatures Saxons,and hope to give them a "run out" sometime soon........................

These are the second 100 figures,just about to be "flocked"

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