Monday, 23 November 2015

"Battleground" Rehearsal-Ginnis 1885.

Last night 6 (yes,6!!) of us did a rehearsal of the game we are putting on at "Battleground" next week-end(28th) just in case there were any anomalies,nuances or tweaks we needed to do.
The game went well,and we are confident that our demo game will attract a bit of attention.

This shows the Allied left flank being attacked by a mass of Hadendowah warriors-we slowed out normal movement down to show the effect of massed fire-power-it worked,as can be seen by the "dead" figures!!

This is the central cavalry battle in full swing-British and Egyptian lancers,and dragoons against Dervish cavalry and camels-spectacular!!

Part of the "spirited" attack on the town of Ginnis itself-a close run thing,as it happens!!!

A colourful view of the left and centre of the table,ful of action and movement!!-if you're coming along to the show,please come and introduce yourself and have a chat.
My son is now out of hospital,after an horrendous time,so hopefully we can get back to normal as far as wargaming is concerned,so roll on Thursday!
One final photo,and many thanks to everyone who wished my son well..........

He's making slow but steady progress!

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