Monday, 16 November 2015

Winter Quarters 50AD

Last night,Graham,Paul,Brian and I had a very exciting Romans vs Britons game,using last week's terrain..................

This is the scenario and map,Brian and I were Barbarians,whilst Graham and Paul were Romans.
The Barbarian plan was simple-just attack,but the Romans had a more complex situation to handle.

This shows the fort troops(under Graham) on move one-he elected to bring his auxiliary troops out of the front gate to extend his existing line-this may have proved his "undoing"-however on move two Brian got all of his warbands moving forward and attacked the Roman line,and what a tussle this was!!

My battle plan was very simple-I would attempt to hold the Romans in the centre,whilst piling pressure on both flanks with my cavalry,backed up with any spare warbands-this shows the game at move three-the inevitable clash is about to take place!!

And so it came to pass!!-I suffered a bit due to the dreaded pila,but managed to hold my own(now,now!!) in the ensuing melees.By now almost all of the units on the board  were fighting.

Brian is struggling to hold the "rampant" Romans,Graham was throwing dice like a "demon",and his catapult(in the fort) was inflicting damage on Brian's second line-come on Brian,you can do it!!!! Spit,boy,spit!!!

This is my left flank,showing my out-flanking manoeuvre-the troops I had on this flank were poor,and I was hoping that they would not have to be committed against the Roman cohort which Paul had guarding his flank!!-both sets of cavalry were good,and ,of course, this led to a melee..................

A general shot of the table,with Brian looking very serious,dictating orders to his embattled troops!-nice pose Graham!!!

On my left,the Romans are making short work of my warbands,but I have won the cavalry battle,pushed the Roman cavalry off the board and I am now behind the Roman lines-hurrah!!
A few cohorts were now suffering,and in the centre I am gaining a slight advantage-how is Brian getting on??

Despite some "cracking" dice throwing,Graham's auxiliaries have retired to the fort,or off the board,and his cohort line is looking,shall we say,vulnerable!!! will Brian take advantage of this situation? You bet he will!!!!

Whilst Paul contemplates what the Barbarian women are going to do to him,the game is just about over,with the Barbarians running amok all over the board-the famous Roman line is broken,and the Britons are declared the winners(even after Paul said he would settle for a draw!)

One final shot of the table-well done to Brian,Graham and Paul-great game(again!)
I'm off to the Hospital now,my son was undergoing surgery at 9.30am to correct his pneumo-thorax complaint-fingers,toes and eyes crossed!!


  1. Another top looking game and enjoyable report William. The animal fat must have been given a work out with all those brave boys without shirts or in tunics!!
    Trust that the op. was without incident.

    1. Hi James,good to hear from you,yes the "animal fat" does wonders for the complexion too!!!
      Unfortunately the "op" had a few problems,but he managed to get through it-keep the comments coming,regards,johnc(william)