Friday, 11 December 2015

Battle of the Brothers-Spain 1065AD

Last night,Paul,Brian and I had a game using my newly painted Saxons as 11th Century Spanish troops!!-Mainly to get them onto the board,but to see how our rules would work too!

As usual,top photo shows scenario and bottom one shows the table before any moves-I was Alfonso,whilst Brian and Paul were in charge of Sancho's troops.

The two centres move towards the inevitable clash!!-we assumed that all the infantry were armed with spears and swords,so ignored the two-handed Danish Axe held by a lot of my "Saxons".
While the central troops were moving,both wings were "jockying" for position,each trying to out-flank the other.

Brian was in charge of the "Sancho" left flank,containing light infantry and heavy cavalry-I matched him like a mirror image,so it would come down to dice throws in the end!!!-I'll have no chance then!!!

On the other flank,I was out-numbered,so I moved two infantry units onto the flanks of my cavalry to bolster them-hurrah!!-In the background the two centres are just about to charge.

This is how the table looked around move number 4!-flanks not yet engaged but the centre is!!
By some lucky dice throws I managed to win 5 out of 6 melees,and Paul was on the back foot-another hurrah!!

My right flank is in a bit of bother-Brian has won the first round of melees-I will have to send my heavy cavalry in to the fray-but so will Brian-this is going to be bloody!!

There they go!!Brian won 2 out of 3 of the ensuing melees,and eventually pushed me back across the stream-woe is me!!-however I have won all the infantry melees,and am pushing Brian's infantry back!!!!-swings and roundabouts!!

On the other flank,Paul is lining his cavalry up to take on my combined infantry and cavalry.
In the centre,things are going from bad to worse for Paul's infantry-to stop a unit from retiring,he put his command figure with the unit-and,to everyone's surprise,I managed to throw the right combination of dice,and killed him!!!-this forced every unit under his command to test morale,and all but one unit decided that they had done their bit,and headed home-hurrah,hurrah!!!

The "tumbleweed" moment as the table is devoid of Paul's troops!!

This shows Brian's moment of triumph,as he pushes my cavalry back across the stream-however with their centre gone,and their right flank in a spot of bother,I was declared the winner-a big hurrah!!!
This was an interesting game,and, I think, the start of a new period of wargaming,where we can have various "Kingdoms" fighting one another,as well as the fight against the Moors.
We won't be playing on Sunday,because we have been invited by Charlie Wesencraft's club to take part in a re-fight of Waterloo,on Saturday-unfortunately only Brian and I can go,but we'll do our little club proud,I'm sure-a full report will follow on Sunday.
All of the fighting figures(ie everyone except the "El Cid" figure,and some Priests) are from Warrior Miniatures.


  1. An exciting game. To my eye, that's how a perfect wargame should look, and it's a fine advert for Warrior Miniatures. I'll be sending in an order as soon as I have sold off something to generate some capital (kids perhaps).

    1. Hi Springinsfeld,sell the kids?-no they are there to keep you in your old age!!-sell the wife instead!!
      great comment.happy Christmas.