Monday, 7 December 2015

Battle of Toro Loco,Spain 1809.

After last night,I'm getting a little worried about Brian-it's nothing I can really put my finger on,but he sort of looks at me in a strange,almost "lustful" way-see if you can spot what I mean..........

Well,last night we had a Napoleonic game set in Spain,pitting an Allied army,against a French army,this is the scenario....

Brian and Graham were the French commanders,whilst Paul and I were the Allied commanders.

This shows the table before any movement-note the "Teddy Bear Fur" corn fields-Brian spent a lot of time "stroking" the Fur!!-cause for concern or what?????

Brian begins the first of many attacks on the Spanish-held hill/convent,with the hill being defended by infantry and a gun,all of his attacks were doomed to failure!!

O.M.G!! now can you see what I mean by a "Lustful" look??-as Paul begins to shoot his infantry and I begin to attack with my Spanish cavalry,Brian advances against the village and open ground-this is going to be tight!

As the battle rages in the centre,Brian and Graham put in another attack against the hill and village-you're all doomed,laddy,you're all doomed!!!!

Paul has sent reinforcements to the hill,as Brian puts in yet another attack!!!

Yet another one!!!-will they never learn??-In the background,to the right,Graham is moving ever closer to my Portuguese troops,who have retired(it's good being retired!!) behind the stream,he did well to manoeuvre his troops into a position where his gun and infantry shot my troops to pieces-but they still hung on-hurrah!!

In this shot Graham is looking for heavenly inspiration!!(or hair on Brian's head!) whilst "Lusty" is looking grim!-however back at the table,the whole battle is raging,and Graham's troops are driving mine backwards-that gun is particularly well placed!!

My flank is lost,but the hill is still in allied hands,the village is being held by a handful of French who can not stand a determined assault,and Brian's cavalry are being "swamped" by Spanish and British cavalry-the battle is ours(I think!)
This was an interesting and complex game,both sides facing problems,but very well played by all.
Roll on Thursday-Paul wants a Carthaginian game,but I need to get my new Saxon army(probably disguised as a Spanish 11th century army) onto the table-we'll see!!


  1. I luv Napoleonics me!! By the way that "Look" was not Lustful it was the look of a Man who is sick of the sight of that Bloody Hill/Cliff!!

    1. Does this mean that you are "lusting" after Cliff(as in sir Cliff)???

  2. Now you know my Idol is the one and only Ken Dodd!!!!