Monday, 21 December 2015

Battle of "Wamberg-Bamberg" 1756.

The "Super Six",Brian,Graham,Paul,Dave,Richard and I had a spectacular Seven Years War game last night,involving Austrian,Prussian,Russian and Hanoverian troops.

This is the information the "lads" were given,we drew lots,and Paul ended up as the Prussian commander with Graham and Brian  his sub-ordinates,whilst I was Austrian commander with Richard and Dave as my sub commanders.
But first let's get the silly photo's out of the way.............................

There now,that's better!!-With that "wig" on I think Brian has more than a passing resemblance to Dolly Parton!!!

We are just about to start the game in this shot-Paul and I had to give objectives to our sub-commanders,which were to occupy and hold the villages,and to advance in the centre and give the enemy hell!!-simple but effective!

Brian and Richard both move into Wamberg,and a "ding-dong" (doesn't that sound Christmassy?) tussle took place for most of the game,with infantry being sucked into the village.

Meanwhile,on the other flank,Graham and Dave are both contesting Bamberg village-this looked great,the Green of the Russians contrasting with the Red of the Hanoverians.It was swings and roundabouts for most of the game,and nail-biting stuff too!!

The open ground on the Austrian left flank was ideal Cavalry country,and soon both Richard and Brian were moving their respective cavalry forward to try and gain an advantage,and out-flank the enemy.

With Paul concerned about his right flank,leading to un-characteristic inactivity,I led my white-coated Austrian infantry forward,and a massive fire-fight ensued!!! Paul is a renowned good(lucky!) dice thrower(we all know one) but on this occasion I managed to come out on top!!!! Although not without taking a lot of casualties from his Gun Battery.

Richard's cavalry are pushing onwards towards the Prussian lines,but a well placed gun battery took horrendous casualties off his leading Cuirassiers and forced them back-what a tussle,and great wargaming!!-the village is still being fought over!!!!

Come on Richard,you can do it!!-the fire-fight was so close,you could almost smell the gun-powder!!

Graham has thrown everything at the village of Bamberg,but the Russians are holding out,and the Russians would hold it until the end of the game-hurrah!!

In the centre,a combined Austro-Russian assault is proving to be successful,and the Prussians are in trouble,and then.........................

Dave launched a magnificent,and winning, cavalry attack on Paul's flank-hurrah!!!-with the centre gone and Bamberg still in Russian hands,and Wamberg still being contested,the Prussian commanders admitted defeat!!
This was a splendid game,played in the best of wargaming spirit by everyone-well done lads!!
We won't be playing before Christmas,but hopefully we'll get a couple of games in over the holidays,so best wishes for a Happy Christmas,and a Peaceful new year to you all.
One last photograph,entitled-"How could you not love that little face?"

Easily, comes the reply!!!-Have a great Christmas,Ho,Ho,Ho!!!



  1. Did you slip something in my Lime? when was the last time I admitted defeat? Great Game anyway. Merry Christmas to anyone who knows us May bad luck follow you all your lives but never catch you up"!!!!!!

    1. Brian,we're going to have to change your name to Phil O'Sophical!!!

  2. Cracking game and figures (I like the houses and hills too)...looks like you had a great time, wigs and all. Have a Merry Christmas.

    1. Cheers Springinsfeld,have youself a good Christmas and a great New Year,from us all.