Monday, 28 December 2015

"A Spot Of Bother"-Britain 60AD.

Before Dave and Paul go back to work,we decided to have a game through the day.
Unfortunately Graham and Richard couldn't make it as they were having a large family gathering,so the "Fab Four" had to play this magnificent game on their behalf!!
I wanted to put on something special and different,and devised the following scenario......

We drew lots and Dave and I were the Roman commanders,whilst Paul and Brian were Barbarian commanders.

This is the table before any movement-Dave was in charge of Legio Phoenix-already engaged with Brian's Warbands,in the foreground.

This shows the initial fighting-and what a tussle it was!! neither side gaining any real advantage in the early stages.

Dave did well to maintain his Roman line,under considerable pressure from Brian-thrilling stuff!!

I am still in column of march,as Paul begins his attack-my objective was to defend myself,but also send what help I could to Dave-easy!!!!!

My Legion(Nova) is forming line against the inevitable assault from Paul's warbands,whilst in the background,Dave is fighting for his life!!!

Look at the "intense" looks on Brian and Dave's faces!!-I am still awaiting attacks from Paul,but the line is beginning to form nicely-if only Dave can hold on for another move or so!

Dave is adjusting his positions in this shot,but Brian has broken his line in the centre,and is sending more warbands against the frail Roman line-will it hold until I can send support??

YES!!! as a cavalry battle begins to develop in the centre of the table,Dave is "Heroically" holding on-hurrah!!

This is my far left flank,where Paul has been "messing" me about until I detached two cohorts to assist Dave-he then attacked-the swine!!! My centre cohorts and cavalry are engaged,but this turned out to not favour the Romans(ie I was getting hammered!!)

In this shot,Dave's cavalry(in the Red) are beating Paul's cavalry,but mine are getting pushed back into my cohorts!!-this is not looking good for the Romans.

This photo is taken from the Barbarian side of the table,and clearly shows the state the Romans are in-I blame Dave!!!!

With the Romans looking in all kinds of disarray,and Brian looking rather "pained" we had to accept defeat,but not dishonour(!!)
A "cracking" game,and well played with the usual "hoots" of laughter and crude banter.
Roll on next Sunday-we'll be playing through the day again,and probably a large Marlburian game,involving all six of us.


  1. Great end to the Year John many more to come if we are spared!! Think Dave was getting a bit fraught.When he questioned my use of the "Repeating" Slingers was beyond the pale!!To have my Maths skills taken to task was mortifying!!!

  2. Its usually other talents that you possess which you repeat!

  3. Stop it Boys you are making me Blush!!!!