Friday, 18 December 2015

Painting update-Normans

Apologies to everyone!!-we weren't going to have a game last night ,because of "Christmas Nights out" but because I couldn't contact Brian in time,he turned up,so we had a little "knockabout" of an Ancients game-I took the usual "million" photo's to put on the blog-and have lost them all-bloody technology!!
So instead,I'll bring you up to date with what is happening in my paint box!!

Because Brian can't paint at the moment,he has kindly "donated" his Warrior Normans to the club,and I am "ploughing" my way through them-this is the first unit,ready for flocking.

Same unit in "situ"-the figures are good,with just enough detail to satisfy my painting technique-basically I paint over any detail I can't be "arsed" to paint in!!!

None of my figures bear close scrutiny,but "en masse" and applying the three foot rule,they pass for wargames standard.

This is the second unit(light infantry) well on its way to completion-only the shield patterns and flesh to put on!!
We are having a game on Sunday,and it should be a "full house" of 6,so I am thinking of a 7YW game,involving Prussians,Austrians,Russians and Hanoverians!! and could be described as follows...............................

Can anyone guess which "nutter" in our club sent me this "bawdy" card????
Roll on Sunday.


  1. Normans look excellent, something nice about unipose units all painted the same. Good for Brian, donating the figures.

    1. Just occurred to me that whoever sent you the card will end up feeling a right tit when he sees you have posted it here.

    2. Hi Springinsfeld-good comment!-Brian is the main suspect!!
      The Normans and most of my other armies have the same pose and paint jobs-I love simplicity!!
      keep the comments coming.