Friday, 19 February 2016

Battle of Gilly Gilly Ossenfeffer Katzenellen Bogen By the Sea.1760

The name of last night's battle is taken from the title of a popular song from 1954,which only "veteran" and long-in-the-tooth wargamers will recognise!! but it did not detract from an absolutely cracking game.

Paul and Brian were jointly in charge of the Prussians,and I was sole commander of the Russians.Objectives were set,the Prussians had to hold onto the village(I refuse to type out that mouthful again!) as well as capture the Windmill Hill and the Manor House Hill-my objectives were to prevent them!

An opening salvo from the Prussian guns meant that they were going to attack my whole front(it also allowed me to use my new L.E.D. candle "smoke"!!)

My Austrians attacked the village with gusto,and a sharp fire-fight followed,of which the Austrians got the better,aided by some well aimed Howitzer shells,which set a house on fire-hurrah!!

With a "fiery" crackle and much cursing from the Hanoverians,all troops within Half a Measuring Stick,had to get away from the burning house!!-the village was mine for the taking.

But now my whole line was subjected to a determined attack from both Brian and Paul-this shot is taken from Brian's flank-at this stage I wasn't too worried because I had a good position and had reserves,but the "vagaries" of the dice would see my confidence ebb!!

Meanwhile,back at the village,the fire has gone out and Paul is massing his Hanoverians for a counter attack-this will be tight!!

With Brian looking Grim(!!) my whole line is under pressure,however a Grenadier Regiment of Paul's,in the centre,is looking weak,and my Dragoons look to be in a good position to send them on their way home!!

And so they did!!a gap has appeared in the Prussian line-can I exploit it??-In the background Brian has spotted my move and is sending his Dragoons to help Paul-what a nice chap!

At the same time both Brian and I decided that our Heavy cavalry should now get involved,and charged each other.This was good for my cavalry initially,but then Brian threw some great dice and put me on the back foot,forcing me to reinforce the melee,just hold my position!

This shot shows my Dragoons being supported by my reserve Dragoons,trying to exploit the gap left by the retreating Prussian Grenadiers-this move also has prevented Paul's attack on Windmill Hill to get any further forward,and I am now winning the fire-fight.However things are not going too well in the village!! and I am being forced out-woe is me!

My Dragoons are in a beautiful position to sweep all before me to oblivion(who am I kidding?) and with the Hills both still in Russian hands,despite the Village being in Prussian hands and the cavalry battle still not resolved either way,I declared myself the winner,although there was a slight(!!!!!!!!) protest from the Prussians.
This game was played in a great spirit of give and take,correct tactics were employed and was exciting to say the least-well done to Paul and Brian,and roll on Sunday,probably an Ancients game.


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    1. Cheers Paul,the LED's certainly add something,keep the comments coming,regards

  2. John,
    You are showing your age a bit now. Was the song a hit for Des O'connor?

    1. Hi Robbie-Max Bygraves sang it over here,but an American duo first recorded it in 1954-looks like you're feeling better after your
      regards,johnc(william) bout of "man flu!!"