Sunday, 7 February 2016

Vapnartak(York) show report.

Paul,Dave,Brian and I visited the York show today,and having successfully returned,and been fed and watered,a full show report follows.
I don't think that this year had more visitors than previous years,mainly because I found I could walk around fairly unhindered by crowds of wargamers eager to spend their cash!As usual the "door staff" were friendly and helpful,and there was no queue to get in,the stands were full of "goodies" and well stocked of almost anything we gamers wanted/needed,and so the spending frenzy began!!!

No queues!-because Brian and Paul looked so incredibly young they were asked for I.D. to prove they were over 60(and hence eligible to get in for free!) but I wasn't!!!

A couple of shots of the traders,and you can see how much space there is-still the traders were doing a roaring trade!!

There were some great looking games and manned by people who actually wanted to talk about their game and the hobby in general,which I found very refreshing-a couple of more good games...........................

Two superb games,top is the Alamo,and bottom is what I considered to be the best looking game at the show,put on by the South London boys,a battle of the South American war of Independence .

There were also a good many Participation games,with both young and old encouraged to take part.
There were also the competition games-I personally think that these "Wargamers" should be taken outside and flogged!!-the state of their tables was a disgrace and did nothing for raising the profile of Wargaming................................

Agree or dis-agree??

Each to his own,but fecking snowmen? fecking hell!!

There was also a Bring and Buy section featuring all kinds of friendly characters,as you can see!-This particular seller was called Knobbie Roddis,I think,and is telling me he wants an extra £2 for some Gun Emplacements that I bought from him!!!

And so to the catering,which as usual was up to a very high standard,with lots of choices and very ample portions at reasonable prices.........................

Even Wayne,of Wargames Illustrated,had time to eat!!-maybe could have stopped eating to serve this guy though!!!!-sorry Wayne,see you at Falkirk.

The venue entrance-devoid of people-a great location,and a great day out.

Back home and all my purchases-paint brush,bases and gun emplacements.
One last photo,could the owner of this big,baldy head please send me money or it will go "viral".

A clue: runs a small wargames group called Independent Wargames group!!!!


  1. Great report to what looks like a good show (bit far for me to travel too). Personally I don't really mind crisp packs and coke next to wargames tables, but then I'm an untidy sort of cove. As for snowmen.... well I'm afraid I started with(and am still into) fantasy gaming, so weird stuff like that doesn't upset me either. You certainly have all the personalities up North..... I am a great admirer of Mr. Rodiss's renaissance blog.

    1. Hi Springinsfeld,good comments-the bit about the food etc.was because the first thing you saw when you went up the stairs to the Competition games was all the clutter and food-not good for people who may be entertaining the thought of getting into our fantastic hobby.
      I have never ventured into "fantasy" but can see the attraction,however Snowmen take the biscuit!-talking of which we saw a game at Stockton last year which involved "Gingerbread Men!!"
      As for Mr Rodiss,well,what can I say?we have a great banter going on between him and our club-all good fun,in fact we are waiting an invite to his club for a game shortly.

  2. So pleased to hear that people putting on games were keen to chat- a rarity often at shows I find.

    1. Greetings Tradgardmastare!-yes it is a rarity but we were quite impressed at the number of gamers who did talk us through their rules,figures etc.
      keep the comments coming'

  3. Ah John,
    I can always rely on you to provide an alternative account of a wargames show. Im amazed they still let you into these events given just how cheeky you are. It was a pretty good show though, I agree with you're view of wargamers tables, we should have sorted this years ago. Can I use the image of my head for my next trip to the barbers please, just to show him where to stick the clippings.Good post.

    1. Yo Robbie,it was a good show,and it was good to see Neil,John and your good self(well two out of three anyway!)
      By the looks of your hair cut,you must go to Stevie Wonder's Hair Emporium!!!
      When are we going to get an invite to your club??

  4. Nice to see you on the day (and be able to put a human face to your blog). I'll agree that the Warlord's game was excellent, and one of the chaps talked me through the rules, history and figures etc used. It was a most impressive display and they were a credit to the hobby.
    I'm hoping to get my purchased (10mm) ACW painted up within a reasonable time-frame (and before my eyes give out on me!) and then I can actually say that I've got some proper wargaming stuff. I find it a bit embarrassing only having the skirmish-style games at the moment, considering it was the big battle gaming that drew me into the hobby.
    Cheers, Roy

    1. Hi Roy,I agree it was good to meet and put a face to those great comments you always send.No need to feel embarrassed about "skirmish" games,we've all been there-we are thinking of getting into WW2 and I suppose that most of the games will be sort of Skirmish types.
      keep the comments coming,johnc(william)

  5. I feel I have to comment on some of the Disgusting Creatures who were at the show Yesterday.So here is a small lesson.
    when you go into a Toilet the bowl is what you use not the floor or walls and if you press a lever they flush.You know who you are what are your Homes like????? vile just vile.

    1. I see the medication is wearing off!!
      Others commented on the toilets,being blocked up at one stage-I can only go on what others say,but it sounds horrendous-are these people properly "potty-trained"?

  6. No mention for the game I put on?! I assume that I'm out of favour for playing fantasy :-S
    Always a pleasure to see WWG cos of all the North East has to offer I miss you guys more than Greggs pies ;-)