Monday, 1 February 2016

Cheap(skinflint) Middle Eastern Town/Village

"I don't suppose you want this" screeched the wife!!-bloody sacrilege,of course I want it-it may only look like cardboard packaging to "normal" people,but to a skinflint wargamer like me,it is a Middle Eastern town or village,if you apply a little imagination and a lot of black felt-tip pen!!...........................

It's only cardboard packaging!!-oh no it's not,turn it upside down and see.................

Black felt tip pen has done it's magic,and all of a sudden I have a gateway,and a semblance of a town!!

Working round the "Town" I have added "windows" and "doors"-clever or what??(possibly "what!!")

How on earth could anyone even consider throwing this out?

Look out for this little" masterpiece" appearing in the next hundred games we have!!!


  1. Replies
    1. Could even fit into Western Desert!!!

  2. It looks just the job to me.

    A couple of wooden toothpicks, some string, paper cut to size and glued to the string and you've got yourself some miniature washing lines!
    Get some of those noteboard pins with plastic bits attached and you've then got yourself some clay storage pots.

    1. Hi Roy,you're obviously as mad as me!!!!
      Keep the comments coming-will we see you at York on Sunday?

    2. Yes, I'll be at York.

      I'm meeting up with a couple of NE gamers so we can make contact in the flesh and see if we can sort out at least one game between us.

      I'll be posting some further information over on my blog during the week - the time and place we're meeting, a photo of me - so if you want to come and find us you're more than welcome to. If Colonel Bills was trading there, Stuart would be able to point me out to you.

      Here's my blog info.