Monday, 29 February 2016

Painting update and Marlburian game.

Last night,before we began a most exciting Marlburian game,Dave produced the latest figures from his Italian WW2 collection,and some of the Assaye(Tipoo Sultan) figures which we will be featuring in May at Carronade,in Falkirk.

Italian tanks-Dave insists that "it's easy to paint like this"-oh no it isn't!!!-they look great,he uses washes and black undercoats,and dry brushing-all techniques which are beyond me,I can only look and admire!!

Italian infantry and field gun-same techniques and a real treat for my eyes-all figures and tanks are Perry's-terrific!!

One of 12(?) guns that Dave hopes to deploy at Falkirk-I like the bold,full colour style of painting,the bases are yet to be done,but you can get the feel of what they will look like.....

Deployed!!(c/w LED candle!)-these will look the part,that's for sure.

And a box full of cavalry,three "Native" regiments and a British one(in blue) all figures are Elite Miniatures,big chunky things,and full of movement and action-well done Dave,can't wait for the "dress rehearsal" of the game.
Now for last night's game,involving 6 players,all of whom played a major part in the battle.

Myself,Dave and Brian commanded the Franco/Bavarians,against Paul,Graham and Richard.

The battle commenced with a serious assault against my Irish and French troops,by Paul's Austrians-everything involved-wonderful wargaming!!

AS the battle hots up in the centre,Father and Son look satisfied with their efforts-let's see how they look later on though!!

A combination of Dave's Bavarians and Brian's French are attacking the Allies,Brian did particularly well with his gun battery and brought the whole of the British line(commanded by Richard) to a standstill-hurrah!!

Things are going quite well on my flank,but this was about to change,as Paul brought his infantry up to take on my French-I was out-numbered,but initially I did cavalry,on the right of the shot,actually drove Paul's back,then I ran into his reserves,and I was sent back-"cracking" stuff!!

My Irish troops are taking a bit of a pounding,but Dave,being the gentleman he is, is sending me help in the form of some Bavarians-hurrah!!-the whole line is ablaze!!

The Bavarian reserves are moving up to relieve the battered first line,as Brian is still holding the British line up with a combination of gun and musket fire-surely we can't go wrong now.(??)

Oh yes we can!!-with a slash of cavalry sabres and a flash of musketry,plus some incredible dice throwing from Paul,my troops are,everywhere,beaten!!-woe is me!My flank seems doomed!

Then,in the centre,the "un-thinkable" happened!! to encourage a Bavarian regiment into keeping their place in the line,Dave put his Brigadier at their head,and was promptly shot(in the head?) forcing the whole Brigade to test morale,which they spectacularly failed!! and they left the field!!!!-Brian,in total despair,was lost for words(very rare occurrence!) and almost burst with frustration!!

Paul's Austrians have now completed their out-flanking moves and my troops are running away(or retiring!)-with the Bavarians going home,and the Irish going home,it only left the French to hold onto what little dignity we had left-good old Brian!!!and so the Allies were declared the winners!

One final shot of the centre-oh dear me,well,there's always another day!!probably Thursday!
This was another good game,well done lads.


  1. Wow! I whole post of lovely 'eye-candy'. A veritable treat for the old ocular senses

    1. Cheers Roy,more to come soon,I hope-Norman Army nearly complete!I'm "knocking out" a unit per two days at the moment.

  2. What a great looking game full of excitement...cracking stuff. Plastic Wargames Factory and Irregular?

    1. Hi Springinsfeld,it was a good game-down to the wire type games are always the best.
      Yes Irregular Miniatures were in there(Austrians) but most of the others were old Front Rank(I think) with most of the cavalry figures made by my good self!