Friday, 5 February 2016

Painting update-Roman Casualties and Generals.

Brian,Graham and I had a little "knock-a-bout" game last night with the plastic tanks,testing a couple of new rules for my "Solo" games,so didn't take any photo's,but had a good laugh and general discuss of wargaming,York,politics etc.etc.
My Roman Casualty figures have taken a bit of a back seat lately,due to D.I.Y. shelf making!!
However I have finished half of them and the four Roman Generals I bought from Lancashire games a couple of weeks ago.

This is the first lot ready to be under-coated-I have added "gruesome" spears and swords for effect!! I was a bit disappointed at the figures,mainly because there were so many "Eagle-Bearers,and the Legionaries were all standing up!! however I chopped the bases off and bent the figures to the poses I wanted,and when based properly they will look okay(?)

Almost complete,just a brown wash,and they will be ready to base,probably in two's with maybe a couple of singles!

The Roman Generals! I will take further photo's when they are "flocked " and based and have had their flesh added.
One final photo,taken from one of the thousands of catalogues my wife gets,this one is from a company called Danbury Mint,and purports to be a sculpture of Achilles-the purists out there will no doubt spot a couple(or more?) glaring errors,but I suppose it doesn't matter,it only costs £100!!!


  1. A sobering reminder on just how grisly an ancient battlefield would have been. The Achilles sculpture reminds me of a mock advert in Viz..... along the lines of " yours for only £1000 in 10 instalments of £200...this cheap gold plated turd".

  2. Hi Springinsfeld,thanks for giving me a good laugh!!