Friday, 18 March 2016

Battle of "Arfook" 1898-Sudan.

It was down to Brian and I last night,to fight this fast-paced and good fun game.

Scenario and table before any movement-Brian was British,and really had to get rid of the "followers" in the camp before he could advance on Arfook-my plan was simply to attack,although the bulk of my Haddendowah warriors couldn't move until move number three!!

This shows the bulk of my troops,"lurking" in the palm grove!!

Brian's Egyptians were tasked with stopping my camp troops from attacking the flank of the British-a job they did with great aplomb and ease!!!

My camp troops surge over the stream,and take devastating fire from rifles and the Gatling gun.

Meanwhile my left flank and centre Haddendowah launch an attack against the British-Brian has sent his lancers out against my Baggara cavalry,and got beaten-hurrah!!

My "lurking" troops have now broken cover and are converging on the thin British line-this is going to be slaughter,isn't it??????

Well,no!!Brian has managed to get the "followers" from the camp to retire on all fronts,which will leave his Egyptians free to support the British line!!

A withering fire from the British is taking its toll-Artillery,rifle and Gatling are causing the Haddendowah to suffer more casualties than they can safely take-if only I can get them into hand-to-hand combat,they'll do okay!!

Many of my units have decided that they have had enough and are retiring(it's good being retired!) leaving the British victorious(happy and glorious)

One last shot(excuse the pun!) showing "dead" figures,and the attack in a total fail mode!
I will quote Kipling:-We've fought with many men across the seas,
                                     An' some of 'em was brave,an' some was not.
                                     The Paythan,an' the Zulu an' Burmese,
                                      But the Fuzzy was the finest of the lot!!!!
This sums up the game-good fun,fast and furious-great wargaming.
Roll on Sunday.
Our local Auction house in Westerhope is having a sale on the 23rd,and coincidentally these fine items are on sale................

Genuine Haddendowah swords from the Sudan!! but with a guide price of £200-300 pounds each they are way out of my range-oh to be rich(instead of handsome!!)


  1. Great Game John I was under the Cosh from move 1.
    I knowa Poem about the Sudan.
    "The Sand of the Desert was Sodden Red" I T think you know the rest.!!!!!

    1. Brian,are you back on the booze???