Monday, 21 March 2016

Battle of Caccamo Camp 1100AD

Last night the "Fab Four" ie. Graham,Brian,Paul and I,had the most colourful game we've had for a while,involving Moors and Normans in Sicily!

This is the simple scenario,the objective was to capture the camp for the Normans(Paul and Brian)

Graham and I had come up with the plan,to attack on both flanks and hold the camp area with Infantry and cavalry-Paul and Brian had come up with plan to attack our centre and capture the camp as quickly as possible!!-look at the colour!!

My light infantry are sweeping across the stream,against Paul's light infantry-he had heavy cavalry support,but chose to use them to support the attack against our centre-bad mistake!!-I had light cavalry which I used to out-flank on my left-this proved to be very successful,to the point that in one melee,Paul put his commander into the fray to bolster the points of his left hand unit-I killed the commander and the whole of the flank collapsed-hurrah!!!

Meanwhile,on the right flank,Graham launched his cavalry against Brian's heavies-we "bounced" but still had reserves,which were also put into the melee-Brian then put his reserves into the melee,and all hell broke loose!!-neither side winning a decisive victory-great stuff!

In the centre,things were going the Norman's way-their cavalry brushed aside our cavalry,smashed their way through the first line of infantry and crashed into our second line!!

On the right,Graham has won a crucial melee,and is driving the Normans back through the trees-I've got a good feeling about our chances now-hurrah!!

On the left,I am pushing hard,and Paul's infantry are not doing well-it was at this point that he decided to put his commander into the melee,to support the far unit-how will he explain that to his C-in-C(Brian the Brute!)

Well, standing with your hand on your hip won't get you any sympathy for  a start!!-you can imagine the conversation-"well,it was like this..............."Brian is looking none too pleased and speechless!!

Graham is looking none too pleased and speechless too-why? his right flank is doing okay,however the centre is looking a bit "fragile"

Yes,our centre is looking as grim as Grimsby on a wet afternoon-and that's grim!!!
However I have some spare cavalry,and sent them into the flank of the attacking Normans-hurrah!!

The centre is now stabilised,my light troops are advancing on the Norman centre,and Graham is winning on his flank-is it all over for the Normans????

YES!!the camp and gold are both safe,and the Moors were declared the winners-another hurrah!!-great game well played.
All of the figures used were from Warrior Miniatures,and painted by me!
I don't know if we will be playing on Thursday,and we definitely won't be playing on next Sunday.


  1. Colourful alright !, your most spectacular battle yet.

    1. Cheers Paul-certainly spectacular-Warrior figures are not only inexpensive(note,I didn't use the word "cheap"),but paint up well too-keep the comments coming.