Friday, 4 March 2016

Iraqi game,not played.

Last night I had planned a rather "involved" game based on an Iraqi vs Americans scenario,unfortunately Paul couldn't make it,and as it would take two American commanders and a referee(me!) Brian and I decided to call it off and wait until Sunday,when maybe two teams could face the challenge.
I will print the info. that the American commanders will be given,and write a full report of what happened on Monday,after Sunday's games.

This is the scenario,the "chipping" is not as far fetched as it sounds,I am reliably informed that "Special Forces" around the world do this for location purposes.

This is the info that the American commanders will be given-no troops will be on the board at the start of the game.The Iraqi troops are in various locations,randomly laid cards,face down,showing Tanks,Infantry,Artillery etc.etc. will be put in the Village and Scrub/Rocks locations,so no one knows what is where,until the cards are turned,ie. when "spotted" by the Americans-sound complicated,but can be managed by me as referee(I hope!!)

The map,showing defensive locations and village-all American troops must come onto the board from point"X"-the objective being to make base-to-base contact with the building where the "General" is imprisoned-easy!!!

A general(pardon the pun!) view of the table from the American entry point.

A more detailed view of the village,and buildings where the "General" is housed.
I always try to give the "boys" an interesting and testing game,but hosting two games a week does take a toll on the old grey matter,and quite frankly I'm running out of ideas-thinking of two scenarios,terrain,balancing forces,providing order sheets,points,pens,clip boards,measuring sticks,dice and figures,is getting tiresome!!-I need some help!!-so come on "boys" get your thinking caps on and come up with a couple of games to give me a rest.
However,roll on Sunday!!

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