Friday, 25 March 2016

Kamikaze(Divine Wind)

Last night,Brian and I had a very enjoyable,and entertaining game/trial of the participation game we hope to put on at Stockton in July.

This is the info. given to us by Dave and Thomas at "Battleground" show.

Here are three views of the "Terrain" we will be using,the American Aircraft Carrier in the bottom left hand ,and the Japanese Air Base on the right centre.

A view of the "authentic" WW2 Japanese air-base(Hmmmm!!)

A shot of the American P40,and the Zero fighters we will be using for the game.These are made by a company,based in Chicago,called "Tootsie Toys" and are very collectable,so if anyone out there has any for sale,contact me!!-the models are no bigger than my thumb,but look quite effective.

Two shots of our "trial game" in full flow-Brian looks relaxed!-the playing surface is about 4 foot by 3 foot,and is just about right for the size of the game we are putting on.
I have made a couple of Kamikaze head bands for the "participants" to wear during the game,as they will always be the Attackers and we,as a club, will always be the defenders!
The whole point of the game is for the Kamikaze pilots to sink the Carrier.

There it goes!!-we hope this will be good fun on the day,with lots of "participants",each game last night took about 20-30 minutes,and the Carrier was sunk each time!!! so,roll on 9th July!


  1. I'll try and join in with a game, should there be a space available on the day.

    I've resisted the change to Windows 10, so I can't offer anything but moral support with the situation.

    I know its a different show, but there's a Middlesbrough show on Saturday 2nd April if you weren't aware? Tees Con is its name, and its run by Waugh Games. I don't know if it'll amount to much, so it might not be worth a journey down from Newcastle. Details of the show can be found on the Waugh Games website.

    1. Hi Roy,good to hear from you,and thanks for support.
      I hope you can join in at Stockton,and we will make a place available to you!
      We had heard of the Middlesbrough show,but assumed that it was all "Fantasy" etc.-are we wrong?-will check out the website,cheers

    2. Your participation game: Yes, I'll certainly play a game (though I'm not promising to be any good!). I'll probably be there all day, so just shoe-horn me in when convenient, if needed.

      The Tees Con Show: I've not been to the previous shows, so I don't really know what to expect.
      There is a Fantasy tournament and, I think, a 28mm WW2 "Bolt Action rules" tournament also.
      I know that the Redcar Ironbeards are putting on a 15mm WW2 desert demo game. But other than them I've no idea who or what will be there. Though looking at the the info on the website I can't see the show being a big affair - I'm only going as Stuart from Colonel Bills asked if I was going to pop over, and then we can bend each other's ears.

    3. Cheers Roy,good info,and we'll look forward to you sinking the American carrier on 9th july!!