Monday, 14 March 2016

Carthaginians vs Romans

Last night,Graham,Brian,Paul and I had a good old fashioned "set-to" involving a mixed Carthaginian army against a republican Roman army.
Paul and I were Romans,Brian and Graham were Carthaginians.........................

Graham has sent his Elephants,skirmishers and cavalry against my legion on my right flank.

Meanwhile,Brian is moving his Celtic contingent against Paul's flank-this is going to get messy!!!

I have managed to get rid of Graham's Elephants,who have rampaged off to the right of the photo,but I am still struggling with his Spaniards.Paul has sent his centre legion forward but they have run into huge things with trunks!-no,not American holidaymakers,Elephants!!!-it's definitely getting messy!

Brian's Celts have attacked across the stream,and are giving Paul's legion a bit of a hard time,and he is piling more warbands forward-are we in trouble???

No!! Paul has driven the Elephant threat away to my flank!!-thanks Paul, but this has relieved the pressure,allowing him to concentrate his forces against Brian-hurrah!!(unless you're Brian!!)

My Triarii are waiting patiently until the rampaging Elephants have passed then they will launch an attack,supported by my heavy cavalry against Graham's flank-piece of cake!!!

The depleted,defeated and disintegrating Carthaginian centre!!But what of Brian's Celts?

They're knackered too-Graham's face says it all-victory to the Romans!!
Well,roll on Thursday!!
I am seriously considering knocking Sunday games on the head,and maybe playing them every other week,but still continuing with the Thursday night games on a weekly basis.


  1. John, that looked a great game. I was particularly impressed by the elephants, you no doubt got them from some mythical pound shop in Geordie land.
    Great game.
    By the way, I couldnt find anything about that book you mentioned re Peter Gilder.

    1. Hi Robbie,ref. Peter Gilder,my mistake,easily made-it was Peter Rabbit by Beatrix Potter,and not Sherridans history,vol 2-hope it hasn't caused you too much grief!!!!
      Yes the Elephants were bought from a "cheapie" shop @ 25p each-I go beserk when I get my pension.

  2. Another splendid game . I certainly enjoy reading twice weekly posts, so if you do knock the Sunday game on the bonce, do post some modelling or painting updates instead!

    1. Hi Springinsfeld,once again thanks for comment,I do actually struggle to maintain a certain level of scenarios and terrain design etc.twice a week,and a couple of the "lads" can only make it to the club on Sundays,so it will be a bit unfair on them,unless of course(heaven forbid!) the "lads" come up with some ideas,to relieve the stress and strain on my old brain(hey,that rhymes!!!)