Monday, 3 October 2016

The Indus Valley,326BC

I'm back,bronzed and beautiful(well two out of three anyway!!) My holiday in Las Palmas,Gran Canaria,is over and I found the whole place full of iconic architecture,interesting museums,fascinating castles and wonderful cathedrals-I won't bore you with loads of holiday photographs,but I think I have captured the essence of the Canaries in the photo which I have printed at the end of this blog......................

To get back into the swing of things,Graham,Brian and I had a fast and exciting Macedonians vs Indians game last night.

This is the scenario,I was in charge of the whole Indian army, Graham was in charge of the Macedonian Phalanx,and Brian was no less a man than Alexander the Great,c/w his Companion Cavalry!-all was set for a great game.

Brian lost no time in sending his cavalry forward against my outnumbered and lighter types!
The battle for the gap had started!!-But what of the dreaded phalanx??

It was moving,step by measure step, forward into my Elephant line(much weakened by archery shooting!!) and a brief melee took place,in which my Elephants suffered too many casualties,had to take morale-and then fled!!!!

The "fleeing" elephants stopped the phalanx from moving forward,and gave me time to re-organise my lines,however the phalanx was only "scratched" and would pose a considerable threat to my infantry-a familiar pattern is emerging here!!!!!

The cavalry battle for the gap has turned into a mass brawl,with both Brian and myself throwing all caution to the wind and sending squadron after squadron into the fight!!!!
No one has gained the upper hand yet,but it could be just a matter of time before the superior weight and training of the Companions prove too much for the Indians.

As the two infantry lines close,I loosed my bow shots and prepared to meet Graham in mortal combat-I knew that a couple of his units had been weakened by the elephants and bow shots,so was not too down-hearted by the prospect!!(fool!!!!)-Brian,in the background,is looking pensive,perhaps he is deciding if he should put Alexander into the melee for the gap!!

Despite a couple of minor "victories",the Phalanx has smashed its way through my line!!
Is this the end??

Brian's "Royal Squadron" has beaten my remaining cavalry and has turned on my ,retiring but victorious squadron,and is making mince-meat of them!!
With both cavalry and infantry beaten,I had no option but to ask for a draw!!!!-of course this was refused and the Macedonians were declared the winners-good game and well played.
Here is a photo of the Official receipt from the British Legion,for our recent contribution...

We will get it framed and hung on the Garage wall-well done to everyone who helped us to achieve the sum of £160.
Now onto the photograph which encapsulates the Culture,History and Sophistication of my stay in Las Palmas.....................................

Now that would be worth watching on "Britain's Got Talent!!!"
Roll on next Sunday.

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