Monday, 29 August 2016

Battle of Barrow Hill 1644.

With Paul on "taking daughters back to University" duty, last night it fell to Brian,Graham and I to play this colourful English Civil War game......

The "usual" scenario and table before any movement-I commanded the Royalists,whilst Brian and Graham split the Parliamentarian command,Brian taking the left and Graham the right.

On both flanks,the game opened with cavalry advances and charges,which are synonomous with this period,but which I find very frustrating!!

My advance into the "marshy ground" ended in disaster,caused by Brian's combination of "partridge shot" from his guns and musket fire from his infantry!!!!

Meanwhile,on the other flank,the cavalry battle continues,obviously centred around the giant cup that has appeared!!!

The central infantry battle was "epic" with volley firing and "push of pike" taking place,especially in the "Lang's Meadow" part of the table.

This is a view of the central part of the table,showing the fighting going on-on the far left you can see that Graham has retired(it's good being retired!) his cavalry allowing me to have a breather-but not for long ,as he renewed his attack and drove some of my cavalry back!!

I have secured "Lang's Meadow",I am in possession of "Barrow Hill" and "Penny Mound",so I declared myself the winner!!-however with howls of protest from Graham and Brian,I had to concede that a draw was probably the proper and fair result!!
Roll on Thursday,maybe an Ancients game,with Romans against a Pyrrhic army.


  1. Another great looking game.... well done.

    1. Cheers springinsfeld-good to hear from you,I must admit to liking the ECW period-lots of colour,blood and thunder!!