Monday, 12 June 2017

"A Grand Affair" 1756.(Falkirk Game)

Because we didn't really get a chance to actually play this game at Falkirk,we thought it would be a good idea to run it through as a club game last night.
Charlie Wesencraft turned up,to bring our numbers to 5 (Dave couldn't make it as he was working(?))
I had set the table up exactly as it was at Carronade(minus a few cavalry and infantry units!) and off we went-Charlie and I were in charge of the Bavarians,Austrians and French,whilst Brian,Graham and Paul took command of the Prussians,Dutch and British.

Top photo is the "Hand-out" we provided,and bottom photo is the table before any movement(taken from the allied position)

This shows the village which Charlie was defending against a very determined attack from Brian's Prussians-the village was held until the very last move of the game!!

We're off!! with guns blazing and little lead feet marching,this magnificent spectacle of a game commenced-the concentration of all 5 of us was something to behold!!

Brian and Charlie were first to come into contact with a mass attack on the village! Charlie manoeuvered one of his Austrian infantry regiments onto Brian's flank,and gave him hell from front and side-wonderful stuff!! Brian hit back by charging the Bavarian gun positioned outside the village,and,despite heavy casualties,managed to destroy it!!-Charlie responded by sending a Bavarian regiment to defend the walls,thus preventing a total Prussian victory in the first few moves!!!!-that's why the man is a legend!!

Look at the concentration!-I have started my advance and attack on the Allied-held village,and have moved my cavalry to protect their flank as they advance-classic stuff(??)

Paul was defending the village,and gave me a scare when he drove my first line back!-he then had the audacity to come out of the village and attack my attackers!!!!-however my second line proved to have more mettle than the first,and all hell broke loose on this flank!!-hurrah!

This is the state of play at about move 7,just before we had a welcome break for coffee and bickies!-Charlie is deep in thought,whilst Brian is blowing his nose!!

With coffee drunk and noses blown,we were off again!-Brian's attacks on Charlie became even more fierce,and his guns,combined with Graham's guns were doing Charlie's Austrian infantry no good at all!! They were trying to weaken his centre before mounting an infantry attack by Graham's Dutch-this is looking perilous for Charlie's flank!-I had to try and stabilise the position by advancing my cavalry,just as Paul and Graham advanced theirs!-this led to a very spectacular looking cavalry "affair".

You couldn't get moved in the Windmill area for horse shit(although it is good for the gardens you know!)-we both kept flinging in unit after unit,even though we both knew we should keep some reserves,but what the hell!!!-pile 'em in and hope for the best!!!

More concentration from the commanders.Charlie still holds the village(but just!) the cavalry battle is still progressing(without any obvious winner) and my attack on Paul's village has faltered!-the whole table is ablaze with action-marvellous stuff!

The British infantry,sensing victory over their French counterparts,advance and with devastating volleys,drive them from the board-woe is me!!-in the background the cavalry battle seems to be going my way-I will win if Graham doesn't send Paul his cavalry as reinforcements-he wouldn't ,would he?

Well, yes he did,and swung the balance against me!!-in the background you can see Brian in a most serious case of "Gloating" throwing his arms up in the air,because he has managed to eject Charlie from the village(move number 12!)-it looks like "curtains" for the French,Bavarians and Austrians!

One final shot from the Prussian side of the table,showing the Dutch about to launch an attack on our denuded centre-this didn't happen because,as gentlemen,Charlie and I capitulated,and the game went to Brian,Graham and Paul.
Well done to all of us.
Paul and Dave are off to Belgium on Wednesday,to do a tour of Waterloo,Quatre Bras,and other linked battle sites,ending up driving across Arnham bridge-have a good trip lads,and come back safely.


  1. I beg your pardon I was not blowing my nose I
    was looking for my Purse!!!

  2. What a blast (the game not the nose blowing). You lot certainly know how to put on a decent game and have fun. Well done.

    1. HI Mike,thanks for comment-it was as spectacular as it looked,those figures seem to bring out the best in everything wargaming.

  3. Great to see Charlie wargaming, even though it was with your bunch of reprobates. I really dont know how Brian still games with you, given how often you humiliate him. Great looking game by the way, as should be expected.

    1. HI Robbie,glad to see you've recovered from your "downer" and back to your old(very old) self-Charlie is 90 this year,and is great for his age-sharp and witty,and still enjoying his games.

  4. Replies
    1. Hi Paul,glad you enjoyed the look of the game,it was a joy to play in,and those figures certainly deserve to be on the table more often.

  5. Brian,is that an anagram for PENIS???
    why no 'phone call?