Friday, 30 June 2017

Roman Cavalry Helmets Exhibition.

I have at last had the opportunity to visit the Great North Museum(Hancock's) which is hosting part of a major exhibition of Roman Cavalry Helmets.
The exhibition in the museum consists of two ornate helmets and a shield boss!!-I must admit I was expecting more!!-the exhibition is in the main "Roman Hall",and to be quite honest,if I wasn't looking for it,I could have easily missed it!!-The museum is a dark place(I presume so the light doesn't affect the exhibits) and was full of school kids making alot of noise,but I suppose it's good that they are getting the museum experience,and learning out of the classroom-however a bit more "Teacher-Guidance" would have improved my visit.

This is the leaflet advertising the events,which are taking place along the whole length of Hadrian's Wall.

Fantastic workmanship,back and front views-this helmet is in a private collection,and I have seen it in many books-world famous and now in Newcastle!!

Wonderful experience,to be able to gaze at a helmet that was worn by a Roman Cavalryman 2000 years ago-fantastic!!-Although these are "Parade Ground" helmets,the information seemed to hint that they could have been worn in battle to overawe/frighten any opposition!!

This is the shield boss-very ornate,and very well preserved.

The information!!!
The Roman Hall in the museum is really worth a visit(I have been many times and never get sick of it)-there is a model of the whole of the length of Hadrian's wall,as well as models of Mile Castles etc. plus two "Manequins" of  a Legionary,and Auxiliary,in full kit,as well as Funeral stones,everyday implements,and weapons-go on give it a try!

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