Friday, 16 June 2017

The "Lazarus" project!

A few weeks ago I bought some "wounded Teutonic Knights" from Irregular Miniatures,and they were so horrible that I decided to "dump" them in my Odds and Sods box;well,being a POP(poor old pensioner) and a MOB(mean old bugger) yesterday I decided to raise them from the "dead" and do something with them.
I am a fan of ephemera on the battle field,and thought I might make them into a sort of Teutonic Viewing Platform for a Mongol khan or a Russian Prince! so I covered a base in "No More Nails",added a splash of Super Glue,and shoved the horrid figures into it-this was crowned with a figure that my old mate Chris gave me(he looks fairly Mongolish-the figure not Chris!!) painted the whole thing today,and I think it looks ok!!......................

I have added a Crusader-type standard for effect!!

View from above(bloody crosses!)

Detail of knight with arrow in neck!!(these figures have been heavily converted!)

Detail of Khan/Prince figure-I don't know the make!
Roll on Sunday,an Ancients game.


  1. Great work... a silk purse out of a sows ear.

    1. Hi mike,glad you like it-I can't bear to think of me "wasting" money!!-it will probably appear on every Mongol battle we have!

  2. What a wonderful - and evocative - vignette, excellent!

    1. Hi Phil,thanks for kind comment-it's the "scrooge" in me that prevents me from throwing anything away-just in case they come in useful-in this case I have salvaged the figures and made good(?) use of them

  3. Replies
    1. Cheers Steve- the- wargamer,my imagination is better than my ability,but I try!!-with a bit of chopping and changing,I managed to turn useless into useful!