Tuesday, 27 June 2017

Battle of Liegnitz 1241. Solo Game.

Tuesday afternoon,it's raining,so it's time to get my Mongol army and Eastern European army onto the board to try new tactics,formations etc. in a solo game,re-fighting the battle of Liegnitz 1241.

Using the 4 main sources for the battle,I have set the table up as near as possible,to the historically correct positions of the troops and the terrain.
The top photo is the scenario and the bottom photo shows how I positioned the troops-the Mongol horse archers on the hills,would have been hidden,but this being a solo game,I put them on the table at the start.

This shows the table from the Mongol right flank,with the vanguard way out in front of the main army.

Move number 1,and the coalition front line advances,the vanguard stands still but shoots,and by an extremely lucky throw of dice,all the officers are killed!!-the rest of the coalition army has been ordered not to move until contact is made with the Mongols.

Move number 2,and the coalition knights charge forward but fail to make contact,the vanguard stand still and shoot,once again killing another set of officers!!!

Move number 3,both sides charge into each other,and the first of the Mongol "sneaky tricks" is employed-a smoke screen,caused by burning brush etc.This caused the coalition troops to stop in confusion!!

A close up of the melee,in which the vanguard were soundly beaten-this only worked in favour of the Mongols though.................

A "feigned" retreat by the vanguard lures the coalition knights past the second "sneaky trick" of the Mongols who unleash their hidden horse archers onto the flanks and rear of the hapless knights,who are wiped out to a man!!!

Both of these photo's are from move number 4,showing the destruction of the first line knights!

Move number 5,and the Mongol heavy cavalry advance,as the vanguard reforms,the horse archers are "showering" the second line troops with arrows,and both infantry(who are described as peasants and miners!) flanks decide to run away!!!

Move number 6,and the smoke dissipates as the Mongol heavy cavalry charge home,supported by the reformed vanguard.The coalition troops are being peppered with arrows,and gradually surrounded-in the ensuing melee,the second line broke and fled(although the Sword Bretheren did win their melee!!)

Move number 7,and it is all over for the coalition army,with the Mongols running rampant over them!
This was a very enjoyable game,and took a bit of planning,but worth it-let's see how the Mongols fare against troops who are cross-bow armed next,or maybe a siege,or a combination of both!!


  1. John wins!
    Nice collection and good little game. All those poor dead nobility...

    1. Hi Chris,it seems that I can only win in solo games!!!!!-fascinating period,I hope the lads get into it too.

  2. John thats a lovely looking game. The Mongols are going to take some beating, they're just too well drilled.

    1. Robbie,Can't agree with you more!!-we'll just have to keep putting them into different situations,and see how they perform-alot of different opponents in their history gave them problems,but they surmounted the problems and bashed the hell out of everyone!-mamaluks gave them a fright though!!