Monday, 19 June 2017

Romans vs Pa'arasites.

As there was only going to be three of us playing last night,I opted for a quick "kick and rush" type of Ancients game,putting my made-up Pa'arasites against the might of Rome!

Top photo is scenario,bottom is the table before any movement.I allocated points to the villages,so at the end of the game there could be no doubt as to who had won,lost or drawn!!

Brian started the Roman attack,by sending his auxiliaries against my left hand village,his archers doing exceedingly well,and taking casualties off the defenders,which would tell later on in the game!

Whilst the attack on the left was going on,Graham launched an attack on the centre and right!! I had a fight on my hands now!!!-however,I ordered an attack of my own on Graham and Brian's troops in the centre,which threw them a bit,especially as I won all of the early melees-hurrah!

In this shot I am sending my Guard into the fray,hoping to punch a hole in the Roman lines,this move coincided with the Romans winning every melee,and pushing me back-woe is me!!

On my right,my luck has run out and Graham,using his infantry and cavalry in unison,is gradually pushing me back,and threatening the right hand village.

This shows the sorry state of the left hand village as the rampant Romans destroy my troops,Brian claiming the 5 points allocated!!

This is the central village,Brian is trying his hardest to move forward,but a combination of Heavy chariots and light chariots are holding him up,meanwhile,the melee in the centre has once again gone my way,and the Roman centre looks on the point of collapse-hurrah,hurrah!!

This shot shows the point at which Graham is beating the defenders of the right hand village,and claiming the 10 points allocated to it-so with Brian claiming 5 points and Graham claiming 10 15 points,a draw was declared because I still held the central village which was worth 15 points!!!-good result and good game.
Roll on next Sunday,when we will be playing a game dedicated to our old mate,Tommy who died 4 years ago-I promised his daughter that we would play a game as near to his death date as possible,to remember a great guy.

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